I look like a monster": the drama of Katie Price, the former model who underwent five cosmetic surgeries.

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I look like a monster": the drama of Katie Price, the former model who underwent five cosmetic surgeries.

The famous woman feared for her life after undergoing surgery in a clinic in Turkey.

For a few hours, Katie Price believed that she would die; even the doctors told her that they should give her a transfusion because she had lost a lot of blood.

The famous 43-year-old former British model shared in an exclusive interview with The Sun the ordeal she had after undergoing a round of plastic surgery at a clinic in Turkey. When he woke up from his last intervention, his health was very delicate. He looked like "a monster" with a swollen and completely disfigured face.

"Honestly, I went to hell and came back; it was horrible. 'My God, I look like a monster from a horror movie.' I just thought, 'This is it; I'm going to die.' She was terrified of looking like a monster, like Wildenstein's girlfriend or a fake doll. I woke up with holes and stitches all over my body; I seem to have cat whiskers coming out of my nose and eyes", he explained to the British newspaper.

Price flew to Turkey three weeks ago with her fiancé, Carl Woods, and her YouTube channel team, where she has 337,000 subscribers. He intended to film the surgical process from start to finish to show his followers a "mini-documentary" of what happens when you go under the knife. But he didn't think his plans were going to go as badly astray.

The United Kingdom keeps the Middle Eastern country on the red list of destinations for the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, the businesswoman decided to travel to Turkey because "it is the best place for [cosmetic] surgeries."

Once there, Dr. Karim operated on her at the "Comfort Zone" clinic. Price underwent five treatments: full-body liposuction, one under the chin, eye and lip lifts, and had fat injected into his butt.

"Carl was concerned that my nose would look different. [...] The doctor came in, drew my whole body, and Carl said, 'What the hell? Are you sure you want all of that? I love you as you are. Otherwise, I would not marry you. So if you want it done, do it, but I don't want you to complain about your appearance anymore,'" the former model recalled. "I just said, 'Yeah, okay, let's do it!' And I don't remember anything after that. "

Her boyfriend watched the procedure from the booth and became very nervous. Finally, he came to fear for the life of his fiancée.

"Poor Carl said it was the worst he had ever seen. He thought she was dead .... He said there were a lot of tubes, and he was upset that I seemed completely helpless. I said it was like watching tronchar a piece of meat, "she told The Sun.

When Katie woke up, the surgeons explained that she needed a blood transfusion. However, she was still confused by the anesthesia.

"I was still recovering, they asked me, and I couldn't think straight. Carl said, 'why would you want two pints of blood from someone with Covid?' I was like ... 'Yeah, I didn't want to accidentally cut myself, lick it off, and make it someone else's blood. It made me feel bad, so I said no, "he told the famous The Sun.

He was terrified when he first looked in the mirror to see the results. He was unrecognizable, as can be seen in the photos he shared exclusively with the British newspaper. His face was very swollen, and his lips were bad. Then he thought, "What did I do in the end?"

Katie still feels weak but is "eating right and taking pills to help." She explained that she underwent so many cosmetic treatments because she missed old "Katie." A year ago, he fell during a trip and broke both of his feet. As a result, she spent months sitting in a wheelchair without being able to play sports. When recovering from the injury, she thought she had neglected herself for a long time and was not comfortable with her physique.

"Every day, I would look at myself and think, 'Oh my God, I got carried away.' He couldn't run, and all he did was eat. Everyone knows what I didn't look like before; I've never been so fat! I want people to know why I did it. It's not because I'm unhappy; I've never been happier. I am in a loving relationship. But I want old Katie to come back," he explained.

The businesswoman recalled that she has always been sincere in revealing the aesthetic touch-ups that have been done and said that she is a "veteran" of aesthetic treatments. She had surgery for the first time when she was 30 years old, and since then, she has already lost count of her breast work - she thinks there were about 12-. He has also had several liposuctions, three facelifts, and many botox injections.

Their wedding will be in late 2021, and by then, he wanted everything to be perfect. But, after the initial shock, she said that she is calmer now; her face is still swollen, but she hopes she will soon resemble the old Katie.

"Love it. I don't see the difference yet since everything is still swollen, but they also did my hair extensions there, and now I feel like old Katie. "

He is recovering in Turkey until he can return to the United Kingdom, where he will have to quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.