ICE Retracts Assessing Fines On Illegals—Will The Issue Be Revisited In The Future?

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In a letter recently sent to immigrant families, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officially stated they would no longer be fining illegal aliens to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for their refusal to leave the US.

ICE is a wing of the federal law enforcement, that is tasked with the deportation of illegal aliens—not just by law but by way of physical expulsion as well as a means of ramping up their immigration enforcement just this past June, with some special letters.

ICE began mailing those foreign nationals, that continually refused to follow repeated orders to vacate the country, what was said to be high-dollar fines.  One of the letters reported contained fines of nearly half a million dollars.  However, those same fines have been reportedly retracted, and new letters have been sent stating just this fact.

One such immigrant, Edith Espinal Moreno, defied the orders of a judge over two years ago to leave the country.  She instead chose to hold up, with her children, in Ohio at a local church.  In June, Moreno, a Mexican national, received one of the fine letters and was informed that she owed the US government to the tune of $497.777.

Then, in October, just four months later, Morena received another letter from ICE, indicating a somewhat significant reversal, and that the fines had officially been dropped.  In the letter, penned by Lisa Hoechst, an ICE officer, Moreno was informed “following consideration of matter you forwarded for ICE review, and in the exercise of its discretion under applicable regulations, ICE hereby withdraws the Notice of Intention to Fine.”

Several other illegals reportedly received retraction letters, who had initially been hit with fines.  However, the fact that these illegal aliens have remained in the country is a clear violation of the US immigration laws, and speculation that the penalties may have been dropped for now, but may very well be revisited again in the near future.

Richard Rocha, a spokesman for ICE, said Wednesday "these individuals are subject to final orders of removal and they remain in the United States in violation of the law."  He went on to add, "ICE will pursue enforcement of these removal orders using any and all available means and has reserved the right to reassess fines in these cases."

When President Trump entered his first term in office, he signed into law an executive order that pledged that those aliens who are present in our country unlawfully would be assessed fines and penalties which would be collected upon.

So what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will ICE and the government really follow through on assessing and collecting fines from the nation's illegal aliens?