If Pumas sold Juan Pablo Vigón, how much could he earn?

source: today.in-24.com

The Ciudad Universitaria team could benefit from the sale of the player. However, the profits could not contribute to further signings.

In the last days, the signings of the Liga MX clubs began to emerge, and the different exchanges of players also came to light. However, recently the Pumas team became a trend due to the possible departure of one of its most prominent players.

This is Juan Pablo Vigón, the offensive midfielder of the Universidad club. In social networks, the rumor began to circulate about the interest that Miguel el Piojo Herrera would have to attract the captain of the felines to integrate him into the Monterrey team.

As the day progressed, the rumors were gaining momentum as it was stated that Tigres would have a real interest in acquiring it and buying its letter to establish one more reinforcement for the 2021 Opening.

Given the scenario of selling it, the profits could favor the Ciudad Universitaria team. Being one of the teams with a lower budget than the large signings made by other teams, the team led by Andrés Lillini would benefit.

It is well recognized that the "U" team has a large financial budget to disburse any amount required by the clubs and players, so the Pumas board could take advantage of that condition.

Currently, the price of Vigón in the player market is around 2.5 million euros, according to the Transfermarkt portal responsible for evaluating footballers' prices. However, when the midfielder played with Atlas, his price was 1.8 million euros, so his arrival with Pumas benefited him.

In 2019 the University Club board bought the player who had just shown good performance with the rojinegros, so at the time, they signed a contract for three years, which means that in 2022 his contract would end.

In that season, the Pedregal team disbursed USD 5 million to Atlas for the total purchase of the player. With the possible Tigres proposal, it is estimated that the club will sell it for the same amount and will not demand a higher price.

Therefore, the earnings for the University would not be reflected on a larger scale since it would be a postponed refund.

So far, neither of the two clubs has clarified the situation and everything remains in supposed rumors that haunt the team. For his part, El Piojo Herrera has not commented on the matter since he remains in the concentration of Tigres training with his players for the friendly matches they will have as part of their preparation.

While in University, the Auriazul team has continued with its preseason activity, and captain Juan Pablo has appeared at all training sessions. He has not been absent from any training session, so there is no concrete information about what could happen to his future.

During the Clausura Guardians 2021, Vigón assumed the role of captain and commanded his team during an irregular campaign that left them out of the playoffs in the league. But during the Guardians 2020, when the Pumas reached the final of the tournament, the midfielder played a relevant role in the victories, mainly in the semifinal with Cruz Azul.

Their annotations in the league classification allowed the team to reach the grand final of Mexican soccer, where they ultimately lost to the Fiera de León. That tournament was the first season finale played by the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco.