Ilhan Omar Receives Strong Support From People Like Bernie Sanders In Midst Of New Controversies -- Is She Too Powerful?

Ilhan Omar, with her bold and fiery statements, is becoming a real headache for the Democratic Party. Is she getting too powerful, thanks to social media?

source: Haaretz

A new star of the Democratic Party is getting more support than many could have expected. 

Candidates running in the primary are shielding the talented progressive despite her controversial comments about the U.S.' relationship with Israel.  

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar faced a barrage of negative press in the past few weeks due to certain comments she made that were described as insensitive and antisemitic by many. 

Omar does not seem to have backed down from her position, and it does not look like the accusations have managed to shake up her stance too much. 

Still, some of her colleagues have come out to express their support for the politician, standing behind her words themselves.

Omar came to prominence partly due to being one of the very few Muslim women to have successfully entered Congress. 

Many speculated that her time in politics would be a troublesome one due to the extra attention her origins would likely bring.

And so far, that appears to be exactly the case. However, far from everyone is against Omar. Indeed, many politicians, including Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren, have expressed their full defense of Omar.

For example, Sanders stated: "Anti-Semitism is a hateful and dangerous ideology which must be vigorously opposed in the United States and around the world. We must not, however, equate anti-Semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government in Israel. Rather, we must develop an even-handed Middle East policy which brings Israelis and Palestinians together for a lasting peace. What I fear is going on in the House now is an effort to target Congresswoman Omar as a way of stifling that debate. That's wrong." 

The situation keeps unfolding, with many comments coming in from both sides. 

Curiously enough, it looks like Omar herself is trying to maintain some distance from the whole ordeal and has been relatively quiet since the controversial incident started.

Many have suggested that the treatment she is receiving right now is not entirely justified, and she is getting attacked disproportionally due to expressing her views so openly. 

It remains to be seen if this will affect her position in politics, although this is not very likely at the moment. Other politicians have gotten away with worse in the past, after all, including higher-ranking individuals than Omar.

Is Omar too big to fail at his point? Do you agree or disagree with the way certain candidates for president rallied around her?