Immigrant Profiled By CNN In Sympathetic Report Has Killed A Father Of Five—Turns Out He Is Illegal And Has A Rap Sheet

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CNN has once again found itself in the spotlight for what can only be considered poor judgment on their part. Earlier this year, the political news station gave press coverage that was in a positive vein, when an illegal immigrant was fighting against his deportation.

Reports now have come out that the same immigrant featured on CNN is being charged with killing a father of five on August 2nd, as well as having been found to be driving without a license. The reports state that illegal immigrant, Miguel Ramirez Valiente, was sited with not only operating with a revoked drivers license but also having over-corrected the vehicle he was driving, causing him to hit Sean Buchanan. According to reports, the accident occurred on a state highway near Colorado Springs.

Buchanan was riding his motorcycle when he was struck and killed by Ramirez Valiente. Ramirez Valiente is reported as having come to the US 14 years ago illegally from El Salvador. It was also stated that Ramirez Valiente had numerous previous charges listed on his arrest record.

According to the ABC News affiliate in Denver, Ramirez Valiente had previously been charged with both reckless endangerment in 2011, and for domestic violence in the following year of 2016. Records also show that both of those cases had been dismissed by the district attorney of El Paso county.

As for Ramirez Valiente's driver's license, it had been revoked just last year, after he had pled guilty for having been found to be driving under the influence. The probation that was attached to this ruling had been extended just the day before he hit and killed Buchanan, due to the fact that Ramirez Valiente had failed to complete both the mandated community service and his court-ordered therapy for alcoholism.

It has not been made clear of Ramirez Valiente was, in fact, inebriated at the time he struck and killed Buchanan. However, several acquaintances of Ramirez Valiente stated it was known he had a long history of alcohol abuse. One person said: "He's an alcoholic and an abuser. This family deserves to know who they're dealing with."

It is worth noting that when CNN published their sympathetic slanted profile of Ramirez Valiente in January when to avoid deportation, he took refuge in a Colorado Spring's church. The network chose to omit and not cite the fact that Ramirez Valiente had a rap sheet.

Buchanan, the man Ramirez Valiente struck and killed, is survived by his wife and their five children, ages 6 through 15.

So, what's the verdict—you decide.

Should CNN be held culpable for their assistance in Ramirez Valiente being able to stay in the US?