In 2020, school enrollment fell by a third the data show

From preschool to college pupils of every age fell due to the pandemic.! ! ! !!!


The number of students attending school dropped by almost 3 million students during the year that first saw the coronavirus epidemic, the biggest drop in over 20 years, according to figures released on Tuesday from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The decrease, which was from around 75 million students in 2019 to around 73 million in the last year, was due to dramatic declines among children who were in preschool as well as students attending two-year universities. The enrollment rate remained fairly stable for elementary school students at around 32 million and for high school students with around 16 million.

While it is mandatory for children who are between the ages of middle and high school age however, preschool is not required. Andrew Bacher-Hicks, a senior professor of policy and education at Boston University, said the decrease in preschool enrollment is the reality of many parents who needed to determine whether the benefits of preschool were worth the cost during the outbreak of.

"The parents might have health concerns over sending young children [in person] who can't be vaccinated," Bacher-Hicks explained. "On the other hand, if pre-K is all virtual, the parents might have concerns about 'what am I getting out of sending my 4-year-old to a virtual pre-K?'"

The number of kindergarten students nationwide dropped between 4.1 million in the year 2019 to 3.7 million in 2018 according to census data the decline was around 9 percent. The decline on preschool participation was much higher, going of 4.7 million down to 3.5 million, which is a drop by 25 percent.

In calculating ethnicity and race, Hispanic children had the biggest drop in pre-K's enrollment at 33 percent. White students were the least, with 20 percent. Black enrollment was also down by 28 percent. Asian student's participation fell at 32 percent.

The enrollment of college students decreased to the lowest level since 2007, driven by a decline in students attending two-year institutions which saw enrollment drop to the lowest point for 20 years.

The enrollment of students in high and elementary schools increased, certain cities, including Chicago and Chicago, saw drops in the population of children as well, with Chicago Public Schools enrollment falling by 24,000 . Students since epidemic started.

Bacher-Hicks attributed a lot of the changes that occurred due to the pandemic.

"There's just a lot more movement that's happening now during the pandemic, either out of the education system entirely or from the public education system to different alternatives," he said.