In cold blood: the assassination attempt in front of two children that outrages New York.


The New York Police are looking for the subject who mercilessly unleashed a burst of shots between minors in broad daylight in the Big Apple.

In the United States, the New York City Police Department, through its Twitter account, requested help from the city's spy police chief, James Essig, to identify and locate two men for an outrageous shooting attack in front of two children.

In the video, a man in a red sweatshirt is seen running while being chased by another wearing a black balaclava and black clothing. The latter carries a pistol with him and shoots the victim on several occasions, who bumps into a girl and a boy passing by. In the video, it is observed that the man in the red sweatshirt falls to the ground with the minors. At the same time, the gunman, regardless of the presence of the children, continues to shoot.

In a Twitter message, the NYPD said that, fortunately, minors were not injured. The attack took place near 1551 Sheridan Avenue.

@NYPDDetectives, I need your help in identifying and locating the two men shown in this video shooting another man near 1551 Sheridan Avenue

in the Bronx. Yes, those are children with the victim, who fortunately were not injured. Call @NYPDTips at # 800577TIPS with information," the message reads.

The events would have occurred on Thursday at 6:45 pm, and the victim, who was injured, was 24 years old. The assailant escaped on a motorcycle by a man who was already waiting for him to escape.

For his part, the Chief of Detectives of the New York Police Department, James Essig, said on his Twitter account that "a blatant daytime shooting in which children are present will not be tolerated"; and asked the public for their help in identifying the aggressor and his companion.

The debate over the use of masks ends with one dead and three injured

Just last Monday, a cashier at a supermarket in the Atlanta area (USA) died. Three other people were injured in a shooting that arose from a discussion about masks inside the store.

DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Meddox said the shooting took place inside the Big Bear supermarket in Decatur when several people were inside the business. In the middle of the incident, a cashier was shot dead by a man.

"There was some confrontation at the time, a debate - I'm not sure exactly what that was - about the use of masks, when the subject took up arms, and the cashier," Maddox told a news conference. Shot him

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the client was identified as Victor Lee Tucker, Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Georgia. The agency said initial information showed Tucker had an argument with the cashier and left the store without making his purchase but immediately. He returned to the supermarket.

"Tucker walked right back to the teller, pulled out a gun, and shot her," the Georgia Bureau of Investigation wrote in the news release.

According to local media, the woman who died worked in the store for two years and was in her 40s.

The sheriff said a reserve agent, who worked part-time to secure the store, opened fire on the suspect, injuring both. DeKalb County Police Department officers arrested Tucker as he tried to leave through the supermarket's front door.

Maddox said the officer was shot twice but was wearing a bulletproof vest and was taken to a medical facility where he was stable. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Tucker's condition was stable.