In love with madness: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck already plan to live together in a $28 million mansion.


They claim that the director of "Argo" moved his belongings to the house in which J.LO Lou lives in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship intensifies. The couple, who ended their engagement in 2004, have rekindled their romance after 17 years, and according to people close to the Hollywood stars, they are "crazy in love."

A source told In Touch magazine that the couple is wasting no time and that they already have plans to live together. It's as if no time has passed, Insider said. He picked them up where they left off. They both agree that what they have now is extraordinary.

Affleck had already moved some of his belongings to Jlo. Lowe's 28 28 million apartments in Bel Air, Los Angeles. They had gone out to live together. Ben and Jane are happy to be together again, and they don't want to waste their time.

The romance has the approval of essential people in the lives of the stars.

In Ben's case, his ex-wife and mother of their three children, Jennifer Garner, gave the go-ahead for the relationship. "She is happy that she is with someone with her success and does not use it to gain fame," said a source. Matt Damon, a close friend of the actor, also expressed his joy when he heard the news. When asked about romance in a television interview, he said, 

I love you both, and I hope that's true.

According to the publication, J. Los's mother, Guadalupe, is happy with the news. She always loved Ben and promised him he would never break his daughter's heart again. And she wants to finally get married, sources told the publication.

Jen is trying her best to win back the Oscars, sources close to the couple told E! News Ben is working hard to keep up with his schedule, and J. Lo thinks Ben has outgrown him and likes this version of him. It's satisfying for her, and she loves it. You can see he's happy, the publication added.

J.Lo, 51, lives in Florida with his children, while 48 resides in Los Angeles.

The actor was seen wearing a silver chain watch that J.Lo gave him when they were dating and appears in the music video for "Jenny from the Block" that they both starred in when they were together in 2002. Their relationship ended in 2004 after canceling their wedding. A year before.

The relationship comes less than two months after JL Low's split from Alex Rodriguez. The "Hustlers" actress and the 45-year-old former professional baseball player announced their breakup on April 15 after spending four years together. We have realized that we are better off as friends, and we hope that this will continue," he said in a joint statement.

The romance began in February when J.Lo was filming his new movie in the Dominican Republic and was going through a severe crisis with Alex Rodriguez, who, according to different media, was in "shock" after hearing the news of his ex's courtship.

The couple was recently photographed at the mansion that J.Lo rented in Miami. Days later, they were seen very affectionate in a gym. People who were in place said that they "seemed very in love" and that they did not hesitate to kiss in public.

One week ago, Ben invited his girlfriend to a ski resort in Montana. The paparazzi found them, and the pictures confirmed the reconciliation. After this short break, J Lo traveled alone to Florida, where he rented a house for himself and his children.

Lopez has hinted that a month after ending her engagement to Rodriguez after a four-year relationship, Affleck has always been in love with her.

JLo "liked" a quote post shared by life coach Jay Shetty, who wrote, "Nothing is as beautiful as seeing someone who has had bad luck in relationships finally being loved effortlessly. by the right person".

The Latin singer was recently spotted with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. After their divorce in 2011, after seven years of marriage, they have a perfect relationship. They were seen having lunch at a hotel restaurant in Miami.