In New York, restrictions were lifted only after no birthmarks or protocol: CoVID-19.


The most populous city in the United States has returned to normal and already has 70% of the adult population vaccinated with at least one dose. "We can now return to the life we ​​know," said Governor Andrew Cuomo after announcing the suspension of the latest restrictions in force.

The most anticipated day has come for New York. After more than 33,000 deaths have been reported during the Covid-19 epidemic, one of the world's most famous cities has once again breathed without Saturn, and short distances between people are already being enjoyed.

"We have reached the 70 We vaccination. This is a national goal, and we have achieved it ahead of schedule. What does 70 percent mean? Means that we can go back to the life we ​​know," Governor Andrew Cuomo had said of his state, which was the first epicenter of the outbreak in the United States. In April, the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, had said that the metropolis would fully open on July 1. They not only succeeded but were ahead of schedule. So far, the only places where you still have to wear a mask are health facilities, nurseries, and some means of public transportation.

It is still hard to believe that you can walk the streets freely without chinstraps, that to enter a secure place does not take the temperature, and the crowds are welcome. However, the summer weather with days of full sun and the peak season for tourism worldwide makes post-pandemic life stand out.

While Governor Andrew Cuomo's announcement went into effect on Monday and a massive fireworks show to celebrate the return to normalcy, a few can still be seen on the streets wearing chinstraps. Some carry it in their hand, others take it off in the open air, but it is still not completely gone. So it is to be expected that there will be almost no records of these in the days.

Nor is social distancing noticeable. You don't even see places with little capacity. The bars and restaurants in the five boroughs - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island - no longer have time or capacity limits: There is no temperature control at the entrance, nor is it necessary to wear a mask.

The same is true of tourist sites such as museums, monuments, and hotels that already enjoy welcoming international visitors. You can already see selfies, photos, and videos in every corner. Tourist arrivals are slow, gradual, but hopeful.

According to local agencies, it is estimated that the number of international tourists who travel long distances and spend more than national travelers will not reach epidemic levels by 2025.

Vaccination is still active.

Governor Cuomo underscored that New York State achieved the anxiety goal of vaccinating at least one dose to 70% of adults. The vaccination stations, known as Columbus Circle, Penn Station, and Grand Central Terminal, are still open and fully operational. The authorities encourage the vaccination of most of the population to gain herd immunity and thus appease a minority that disapproves of the vaccination campaign. In any pharmacy that opens 24 hours a day, anyone who lives or does not live in the city can receive their food. Tourists only need to present their passports.

The multitudinous shows

Although the stages once again received artists from March, the capacity of the public remained under restrictions. So next June 20 will be the official reopening of the iconic Madison Square. The first band to vibrate New York will be Foo Fighters. To be part of the show, it will be necessary to accredit the COVID-19 vaccine, which is why it is known as the fully vaccinated show. Infobae will cover from the front.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl announced that the band would perform at the famous full-capacity theater. "We have been waiting for this day for more than a year. New York, get ready for a long night, screaming for Foo's 26 years", he anticipated.

The new Wall Street

The most famous financial area could remain empty, although there is already more movement of people than months ago. The stock exchange is still dominant in the corner of Wall & Broad, of course, and the little movement you see is tourism.

According to the provisions of each company, the offices remain without their employees who could return in person from August. However, on Tuesday, the US bank Morgan Stanley urged its employees to return to work in person after lifting restrictions in New York. Companies in the Big Apple will be able to return to work with 100 percent of employees in person, without social distancing or testing, as long as everyone is vaccinated.

Life slowly returns to how we know it: this time with a great education.