In The Contoversial Donald Trump Era; Los Angeles Gets Its Own President Barack Obama Boulevard -- Is It Too Soon?

Former President Barack Obama has boulevard named after him in Los Angeles as the country is still debating the contours of his legacy in the Donald Trump era.

In The Contoversial Donald Trump Era; Los Angeles Gets Its Own President Barack Obama Boulevard -- Is It Too Soon?740

Former President Barack Obama has been getting more and more recognition for his presidency across the country, as a new road was just announced that bears his name.

Located in Los Angeles, the President Barack Obama Boulevard was officially announced last weekend and goes through the Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw neighborhood.

A moderately large crowd gathered to watch the official unveiling of the road, although reports indicate that Obama could not attend.

This is not the first time a stretch of road has been named after the former president, as observers also saw the naming of President Barack H. Obama Highway towards the end of last year.

It seems that many have started to yearn for the times of Obama's presidency, perhaps in light of the current administration's approach.

There has been a lot of support over the new road's naming, with many people claiming that Obama possibly deserves even more recognition for his time in office.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said: "As we drive through this city and we see past presidents on Adams, on Washington, on Jefferson and now we'll have one that was in our lifetime, who was a president for everybody: Barack Hussein Obama."

City Council President Herb Wesson tweeted: "For every child who will drive down this street and see the name of the first Black President of our country, this boulevard will serve as a physical reminder that no goal is out of reach and that no dream is too big."

Obama has left a deep mark on U.S. politics -- and the global scene as well -- during his two terms in office, and his supporters still see many positive results of the various policies he has implemented.

He is also a somewhat controversial figure in politics; on the other hand, with many people opposing his approach and accusing him of dividing certain sectors of society.

However, those voices seem to be in the minority today, with most people remembering the Obama presidency of fondly.

The former leader of the free world remains actively involved in the U.S. political sphere and does not seem to have any intention of backing out anytime soon.

Do you think Obama deserves such honor, yes or no?