In the end, Georgetown, the provost is charged with co-ordinated in touch with a student

Georgetown's president, called the claims as "particularly serious", as J. R. R. Tolkien, the former president of the united states


Georgetown University, on Friday, announced that, as a former student, was accused at the end of the dean, the vice-chancellor, J. P. Morgan.

In a letter to the alumni, the Administration of the Georgetown President John J. Degioya it is noted that the group is to look at this statement in connection with the execution of more than three decades ago, and "expresses its deepest apologies."

The government has described these claims, from an objective point of view, however, does not explicitly consider them to be valid.

"Even if this behavior is one that does not include the integrated kiss and facial from 30 years ago, is a particularly severe on the basis of the borders on the ridiculous' s role is that of a member of the clergy, that is, our former executive vice-president," the letter, which was also signed by three members of the group to view.

The plaintiff was not a name, but a message said:"We would like to thank you for the courage of the doctoral programme is to be developed, and to express our sorrow on the experience he has shared with, and abuse of power that was it."

His appetite for destruction, was provost, from 1979 to 1991, and received honorary degrees from Georgetown in 1991. The letter said that the education, training and recognition of the schools had been closed down.

The university has said that it is working with the East of the Province, in the united states, the Jesuit administration of the roman Catholic Church for much of the East Coast, in order to strengthen its policies and procedures relating to the crimes of sexual violence.

"This year, because of the Father, Friese, was the provost, we have implemented strong policies and procedures in order to provide assistance to an individual's sexual abuse, among other things, some of which have been related to sexual abuse by the clergy, as well as the application in order to protect the communities of the sex offense of any kind by any member of the university," the school said in a cover letter.

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Friese, who died in 2006, in the Piece. Joseph's University in Alzheimer's disease, the teaching of Latin and French, on their way to the Pc. Joseph's School, located in Philadelphia, pennsylvania, where he worked at a number of colleges before arriving at Georgetown, according to the university's student newspaper the Hoya.

In 1981, he was Prime minister Margaret Thatcher in the united kingdom, with an honorary doctor of laws degree. The following year, he was presented Mother Teresa with an honorary doctor of Humane Letters degree, and as soon as he spoke, the campus encourages students to be "aware of the poor people."

At the end of the 1980s, the Student Coalition for Gay and lesbian Rights, is named appetite for destruction as a member of the administration, as well as to refuse, to be recognized as developed on the group as a campus organization. One of the judges of the District of Columbia court of appeals, in 1987, the court ruled that the LGBT + groups should be dealt with in this structure is, in essence, that of all the others.