In the interview, Putin Calls Trump's "colorful," but said that He was able to Work with the Biden

Accusing Putin of being a "murderer" is one of ' Hollywood's mistakes."" ! ! ! !


The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has said in an exclusive interview on Friday, News called the former President Donald Trump a "colorful character", and said that he would be able to work as a President, Joe Biden.

Putin is to compare the two co-chairs, as the relations between the Russian federation and the united states as a date to minimumdan, and before that the Russian leader's summit with Biden.

"What is possible, and even now, I think that the united states, the former President of the Mri. Trump is an extraordinary person, a talented person, or else he would never have become president of the united states," Putin told NBC's Keir Simmons, in general, and in sometimes controversial interviews. "He's a colorful person. As you may or may not like him. And, yet, the people, the life in the united states, as well as popular. In the past, he was a part of the policy, and some people like it, some don't like it, but it's a fact of life."

For Biden in moscow on Thursday, Putin said that the current resident of the White House, "is fundamentally different from that of Trump, as President, joe Biden, is a careerist. He has spent nearly his entire adult life in politics."

"This is a different kind of person, and I really hope that, yes, there are some advantages, there are a few drawbacks, but there are no impulsive movements, on behalf of the united states, the current president of the republic," he said.

Trump has been flirting with the opposition. After the completion of their July 2018 summit in Helsinki, Trump caused a shock to the system, he refused to be a party to accept the U.S. intelligence community, on the basis of that, to deny that Putin had been in the elections of 2016.

At the same time, Biden has repeatedly said that he told Putin on his face, "there is not a soul," during a visit to the moscow Kremlin in 2011, when he was the vice-chairman of the board.

But both of us were in agreement that he was accused of contract violations by his political opponents as "killers."

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Asked directly by "the first night", during a 90-minute interview in the Kremlin, where he was a killer," Putin gave a noncommittal answer.

"During my time at the office, I've been in the habit of attacking from all directions and in all of the areas that is, under various pretexts, and the reason, for a variety of stature, and ferocity, and it does not surprise me," Putin said, referring to the "killer" is the label of "Hollywood's all."

Under pressure from the elder", to name a few of his opponents have been killed over the past few years, Russian leaders have bristled.

"Look, I don't mean to be rude, but apparently it is some sort of an upset stomach, as well as being the word, the word was upset. You have noticed that a lot of people, in fact, injured, and died at different times, for different reasons, by different people, " he said.