Independent Investigation Reveals Terrorist Agenda Alive And Well On US Soil—Even In Our Very Congress Itself

source: Tracy Few

An investigation conducted by the Daily Caller News Foundation has overturned some alarming information.  It would seem that several groups connected with the BDS movement, currently operating on US soil, have confirmed ties to Palestinian groups now on the US State Department's designated terrorist organizations.

The BDS movement aims solely at isolating the state of Israel both politically and economically on the international level so that Palestinian political objectives can be more successfully advanced.  Those ties that were found and confirmed to exist between the various BDS organizations currently operating with the US and known Palestinian terror group included:  BDS leader known to coordinate with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). 

Also those officials in various BDS groups whose goal is to whip up support for terrorists, and a current group running as a US non-profit, that in turn gathers tax-exempt donations that are then forwarded to a Palestinian coalition that includes multiple known terrorist organizations. 

One such pro-BDS group, also a Palestinian activist group, that not only operates internationally but also on US soil is Samidoun.  The group has been known to have pervasive ties with the PFLP, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation.  Both individual who run Samidoun, its international coordinator Charlotte Kates and its European coordinator Mohammed Khatib, are not only PFLP members but have also represented the known terrorist group internationally.

Even more evidence of their involvement is that Samidoun events have been known to feature the flag of the PFLP regularly, and the group's activist campaign's more often than not overlap with the PFLP's interests.  When Samidoun held a rally in New York City in 2017, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the PFLP’s, they screened a video message from a previous PFLP official, Leila Khaled. 

 Khaled involved in the hijacking of a plane in 1969.  Both Khaled, and her accomplice, hijacked the plane because they had intelligence that stated the Israeli ambassador to the US was on board the plane.  As it turned out, the information was erroneous.

When it comes to their association with Samidoun, the PFLP is very open in their own Arabic language publications. However, the terrorist organization is much more cautious when it comes to any English spoken publication.

One of our own members in Congress has been under scrutiny over her personal ties to the anti-Israel radical group.  Tlaib faced massive backlash this past January when she questioned Republicans in Congress, who said that they did indeed support anti-BDS legislation if they had "forgot what country they represent."

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

If we continue to allow those affiliated with terrorist groups to remain in Congress, will we find ourselves going headlong down a “death” spiral?