Independiente will open against Santos in Brazil its complex series of 16 of the Copa


Independiente will open against Santos in Brazil its complex series of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana rounds: time, TV, and formations.

The maximum winner of this competition will collide with Peixe. From 7.15 pm on ESPN.

The South American Cup does not stop its rhythm, and during the day today, the three remaining matches will be played for the end of the first leg of the round of 16. Although many glances will go to the Uruguayan classic that Nacional and Peñarol will star, there will be a duel between two institutions with a rich history. From 7.15pm, at the Estadio Urbano Caldeira, Santos will receive Independiente . 

The referee will be Wilmer Rolden of Colombia and will give the television to ESPN.

Despite criticism for their game, those led by Julio César Falcioni reached this commitment after falling in the semifinals of the Professional League Cup against the champion Colón and sweeping the group stage of this competition. Those of Avellaneda was awarded their zone with 14 units and without knowing the defeat. 

Along the way, they managed to escape from Uruguay's City Torque, Brazil's Bahia, and Bolivia's Guabirá.

The preseason was atypical, shorter, and we had to accelerate everything. We have strong competition against a team that comes with an important route; we hope that this difference is not noticed ”, outlined the coach of Rojo in the pre-match, who will not be able to count on Joaquín Laso because he was not enabled on time. Independiente, along with Boca, is the top winner of this tournament. Those from Avellaneda conquered it in 2010 and 2017.

The other absence will be Serbio Barreto due to the accumulation of yellow cards. 

The good news for the emperor is that the leadership has maintained the foundation of the team as only spare parts remained, such as Pablo Hernandez, Nicolas Messinitti, and Adrian Arregui.

Santos, for his part, is far from the team that played in the final of the last Copa Libertadores. However, it is still a team to be feared. He arrived on the scene after Ecuador and Xeneize Barcelona finished third in their group in Libertadores.

Those coached by Fernando Diniz, after 11 days, are in the tenth position of the Brasileirao with 15 units, ten less than the leader Palmeiras, with whom he lost the weekend by 3 to 2 despite the goal of the Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez.

The return will be on Thursday, July 22, at 7.15 pm, at the Libertadores de América. The winner of this crossing will be measured in the quarterfinals against the key starring Junior from Barranquilla and Libertad from Paraguay (in the first leg, played in Colombia, the Guarani prevailed by 4 to 3).

Santos: Joao Paulo; Pará, Luiz Felipe, Kaiky, Moraes; Camacho, Jean Mota, Gabriel Pirani; Marinho, Lucas Braga and Marcos Guilherme. DT: Fernando Diniz.

Independent: Sebastián Sosa; Fabricio Bustos, Patricio Ostachuk, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Lucas Rodríguez; Domingo Blanco, Lucas Romero; Sebastián Palacios, Alan Velasco, Andrés Roa; and Silvio Romero. DT: Julio Falcioni.

Stadium: Urbano Caldeira

Referee: Wilmar Roldán (Colombia)

Time: 19.15

Television: ESPN