India coronavirus: Experts say massive increase in Covid-19 cases 'alarming'

India recorded 260,000 new cases of coronavirus last week - one of the highest ever since the epidemic began last year.


The Western Province of Maharashtra accounts for about 70% of national cases.

Experts say that the lack of compliance with security regulations is a major factor in the increase. Some say the alternative is new and could be a reason, but it has not been established yet.

India has so far recorded more than 11 million cases and 160,000 deaths.

India's coseload began to sink in early 2021 with daily illnesses dropping to less than 20,000 from a peak of more than 90,000 in September.

But over the past few weeks there has been a marked rise. While Maharashtra is leading the table, other provinces - Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh - are also seeing an increase in cases.

In Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, officials said they would roll out random tests in crowded places such as shopping malls and train stations.

Last week - between 15 and 21 March - India reported 100,000 more cases than last week.

The daily drop in cases in India is on the rise

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Prominent critical care specialist Dr. A Fathahudeen, who has treated thousands of Covid patients, says that the increase is not surprising.

He adds that a "false vision of good hope" swept across the country as the charge was reduced earlier this year.

"People were falsely thinking that India had reached the limit of the defense of the herd but that is not the case," he said.

Dr. Fathahudeen also believes that the start of the vaccination program has contributed to this because people have "estimated the arrival of the drug and the normal times".

"The situation is not normal anymore, it is actually scary at the moment. The vaccination campaign needs to be intensified, and the principles of surveillance and segregation should be strengthened throughout the country."

More than 40 million people in India have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine so far, but that is less than 4% of the country's population.

The government plans to cover 250 million people by the end of July.

Although the pace of vaccination has taken off - more than three million people are given doses in a single day - experts warn that the goal could not be missed unless the drive is upgraded.