Indianapolis Post Depot Shooting: At Least Eight Killed


The attacker committed suicide and has not yet been identified by the police. The victims were found at FedEx company facilities, near the international airport. Five injured people were rushed to a hospital.

At least eight people were killed in a shooting in the US city of Indianapolis late Thursday, police said. Also, five other gunshot wounds were confirmed, one of them in critical condition. 

Police spokeswoman Genae Cook told reporters that all the victims were found at a FedEx company near the city's international airport, where a gunman opened fire and then committed suicide.

After an initial search of the bases inside and outside, we found eight people wounded by gunfire at the scene. Cook said, not counting the killer. Those eight were declared lifeless here.

This Friday morning, the questions continued to be more than the details. Police authorities held a press conference with Mayor Joe Hogsett in which they said the perpetrator of the massacre has not yet been identified. Neither did many of the victims.

We interviewed a lot of witnesses, and we started prosecuting the criminals, and we're still continuing. We have a lot of work hours to go," said Craig McCartt, deputy chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

The incident took place just after 23:00 local time at a FedEx company warehouse near Indianapolis Airport, which employs 4,500 people. McCartt said the suspect came to the scene by car, got out in the parking lot, and began shooting at his discretion. "There was no confrontation. He just started shooting outside and then continued inside the building. "

The deputy chief of police confirmed that the murderer acted with a rifle and committed suicide shortly before the officers arrived at the building. "When we arrived, everything was over. It did not last long. It was only a few minutes", he revealed.

But that is where the certainties go. We can say very little because we are trying to identify everyone there, and we have not been able to identify the suspect. We have clues, but until we identify everyone, we can't say anything. Many things are still under investigation," McCartt said.

For his part, Mayor Hogsett delivered a message of comfort to the victims and supported the police investigation. Last night, the Indiana Police was reconsidered by the curse of gun violence, which has already killed many people in our community and in our country. Although we will learn more about this issue in the coming days and weeks, there is no information about the return of the lives that were lost. He said.

Cook had given some details last night about the transfer of the injured and their condition: "We have been informed that several injured people have been transported to local hospitals or that they have given themselves to local hospitals. We know that we had four people transported by ambulance, one in critical condition, with gunshot wounds".

A statement released by the Metropolitan Police states that "the Marion County Coroner's Office (MCCO) will determine the exact manner and cause of death. The MCCO will issue the name of the departed once the proper announcement has been made to the next family. Several of these relatives were housed in special facilities of the company while waiting for the work of the police to progress.

The FedEx company issued a statement in which it assures: "Safety is our highest priority, and our thoughts are with all those affected by the shooting." They also affirm that they are working to have more information and to assist in the investigation of the authorities.

McCartt said that they are looking for possible videos recorded by the company's security cameras, expecting to reconstruct what happened. But he did not provide further details.

Cook said the scene inside the warehouse was "heartbreaking" and that "the officers responded, came in and did their job."

In addition, he called for support for family members who have lost loved ones: we need to support each other and understand that there will be people who are emotionally disturbed. And we have to help them, no concern what. This is a tragedy, but we will overcome it in spite of everything.