Is Donald Trump Using Venezuela Aid Issue To Create More Tension Around Nicolas Maduro And Juan Guaido?

Donald Trump is trying to send some aid to Venezuela, but Nicolas Maduro has other plans. The opposition is trying to use the issue to mobilize citizens.

Is Donald Trump Using Venezuela Aid Issue To Create More Tension Around Nicolas Maduro And Juan Guaido?386
source: Daily Express

In a recent statement, President Donald Trump deemed the decision of Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, to reject humanitarian aid from the U.S.A. as a “terrible mistake.”

Trump has also commented on how “sad” it was that the Latin American country was in a period of crisis, adding that help from Washington would gladly be dispatched.

Mr. Maduro has remained at his position even though he faced a harsh resistance in the face of his political opponent, Juan Guaido, who declared himself as the leader and was officially recognized by America and Europe.

As a result, it was expected that Maduro would resign and leave his post, especially after Guaido spoke in favor of letting in support from the United States in the form of food and medical supplies, which were quite sparse in the country for some time now.

Guaido called for the aid of the army and urged for allowing the humanitarian help in front of an enormous crowd in Caracas.

Thousands of people showed up and expressed their support for the self-declared leader.

The Trump administration has expressed a preference for Guaido for the position of president from the beginning, and Europe followed shortly after Maduro declined the request to launch new elections.

In his recent interview with Euronews, Maduro described the situation as madness and stated that the attempted military coup has failed.

He also commented that according to him, European leaders who have stood up for Guaido have made a “huge mistake” and expressed his belief that America’s bad political decisions must have influenced Europe.

Maduro explained: "It was madness… they wanted a military coup. But they failed. They were playing that card. But it's over."

To help the opposition, America was able to deliver some aid near a border town, and Guaido has been trying to garner volunteers to help out.

Maduro's rival stated: "Not only will this be happening at the border where the volunteer movement will be, but in cities up and down the country where there will be demonstrations on 23 February for the aid to come in."

Should Maduro leave the aid, enter the country?