Is Joe Biden Running For President In 2020? Sources Say Yes -- Can His Ideas About The Middle Class Triumph?

Joe Biden is ready to announce a run for president in 2020. He has spoken to a Democratic lawmaker about his intentions. Why is he not making it official?

Is Joe Biden Running For President In 2020? Sources Say Yes -- Can His Ideas About The Middle Class Triumph?545
source: The Daily Beast

According to a lawmaker on the Democratic side, former Vice President Joe Biden is a guaranteed candidate for the 2020 US Presidential election.

This came shortly after the release of new polling data that placed Biden in the lead within his party in the crucial state of Iowa.

The information allegedly comes straight from Biden himself, who confirmed his intentions in a phone conversation with his fellow politician.

So far, Biden’s outlook is indeed a very good one, and there are high chances that the politician might end up victorious if he did run in the next elections.

This is an opinion shared by multiple experts, although there are also some who claim that Biden should be more careful with his approach towards these primaries if he does indeed plan on running.

That might be related to certain undertones within the American political scene that could paint Biden in a negative light in the eyes of many potential supporters.

However, the politician has worked hard to correct those perceptions in recent times, and it looks like his efforts are more or less paying off.

Biden has not announced anything officially yet, although he does seem to be giving various hints that he might be planning to run.

A recent speech he delivered in front of a crowd had many people chanting encouraging words at him, and he seemed pleased by the reception.

Biden told the audience: "I appreciate the energy you all showed when I got up here. Save it a little longer; I may need it in a few weeks. Be careful what you wish for."

In terms of policies, he added: "Now they’ve got to go make somebody pay for it. Something that gave millionaires and billionaires excessive tax breaks. And who do they ask to pay for it? Middle-class families like you. Trading Medicare and Medicaid for tax breaks? How’s that going to help most of the people in this room?"

It is not clear why the politician has insisted on maintaining an air of privacy around his decision to run for so long, but it could be part of his plan.

Do you think Biden is right or wrong to run for president in 2020?