Is Joe Biden Running For President Or Not? Politician Claims Campaign Reveal Was Just A Verbal Slip

Joe Biden is not revealing his intentions about a 2020 presidential run, a verbal slip over the weekend is the latest hint that he might be getting in the race.

Is Joe Biden Running For President Or Not? Politician Claims Campaign Reveal Was Just A Verbal Slip566
source: The Wall Street Journal

A recent speech delivered by former Vice President Joe Biden led many to believe that the politician has plans to run for U.S. president in the upcoming 2020 election.

This seemed implied in a statement that he had the “most progressive record of anybody running.”

However, even though Biden has already dropped multiple possible hints that he might plan on running, he was quick to correct what he said.

According to him, what he intended to say was “anybody who would run.”

He reiterated on the claim that he was not trying to imply that he’ would be running in the upcoming election.

However, his explanation seems to have gotten somewhat lost in a whirlwind of cheers after his “announcement.”

There is a lot of speculation going around right now regarding the speech delivered by Biden and his potential plans.

Some seem convinced that the politician does have aspirations to try his luck again, while others believe his original story.

Whatever the case is, Biden confirming his presidential run for good would likely not come as a surprise to anyone.

His actual chances have been questioned by many on the other hand.

It does not look like too many people have faith in Biden making it too far in the Democratic Primary if he did indeed try running.

Some seem to believe that the politician is merely probing the ground right now, and will base his official decision on the support his “hints” have been getting.

When exactly he might make that announcement remains hard to tell, however. Some of his supporters are ready for a potential race.

Delaware Gov. John Carney said: "Biden 'doesn't just look like he's back. He looks like he's ready for a fight. I am not up here to break any news tonight. In my humble opinion, we have never needed Joe Biden more than we need him right now."

Biden's message seems to be all about unity. He stated: "The only thing strong enough to tear America apart is America itself and we've seen its start. We're literally in a battle for the soul of America."

Do you think Biden is the right or wrong Democratic candidate for 2020?