Is Wendy Williams Dealing With Spousal Abuse? TV Personality Faces Uncertain TV Future As Nick Cannon Impresses Some

The mystery around Wendy Williams is keeping her fans up at night. The case is now taking a very dark turn and her husband's name is now in the picture. 

source: E!

TV personalities like Wendy Williams have made a career of mocking celebrities and dissecting their every move. It is a very lucrative business, but the tables are turning, and some of these people are now seeing their own private lives get exposed in a very damaging way.

While many are speculating about the current situation around Wendy, it looks like the truth might be a bit darker than most were expecting. 

According to recent rumors, it is possible that Wendy is dealing with abuse from her husband, Kevin Hunter ’s side, which has prompted her entire reclusive episode and the need for hospitalization.

Last time she was on the air, Williams sounded hopeful that she would manage to bring back her old image that everyone knew and loved. 

However, her absence from the screen has been prolonged indefinitely, after reports came out that she needed to be hospitalized for unknown reasons.

For the time being, Nick Cannon and other celebrities have been substituting for the star on her own show. 

It is not clear how much longer this can go on though, as there are now rumors that the show’s staff has been growing increasingly less patient, and have started to demand that Cannon permanently take over the talk show.

Williams herself is reportedly worried about the future of her show, although she has not made any official remarks in this regard. 

If reports about her domestic abuse issues turn out to be true though, it could take a while before we see her back on the air. 

The star will likely need some time to recover not only physically, but mentally as well.

So far, everything remains sketchy and unconfirmed, despite the constant attention towards Wendy from the public.

It looks like the former radio star is trying to retain her privacy for the time being, and people should respect that. 

According to insiders, the problems have been there for a very long time, and people close to the TV host have been worried.

A producer, who worked with Wendy, explained:  "On those days we would tape one show live, and then there’d be a break, and we would tape another show to air on Friday. Sometimes [Wendy] would be in her dressing room, doing whatever she does between shows, and her behavior for the second show would seem erratic. It started happening more and more frequently . . . trailing off mid-sentence, not finishing her thoughts."

Can Wendy keep her show with all of this drama?