It broke its world record and is the youngest gold in the history of the 400m hurdles


It broke its world record and is the youngest gold in the history of the 400m hurdles: Sydney McLaughlin's impressive run in Tokyo.

At 21, the American won the gold medal and became the youngest athlete to prevail in this discipline.

The Olympic State was holding a historic race in Tokyo. Sydney McLaughlin of the United States broke the world record for the 400-meter hurdles with a 51.46 and became the youngest athlete to climb the podium in this discipline at the age of 21. Los Angeles won in 1984 with 22). ۔

In second place was his compatriot Dalilah Muhammad, who also managed to lower the world record.

The New Jersey native came from behind in the last 100 meters to beat her compatriot and defending champion, but she managed to cross the final line in the first position with a great final sprint.

Muhammad's time of 51.58 seconds was also a highlight, as he fell short of the record set by McLaughlin herself (51.9 seconds) just a month ago. The Dutch Femke Bol finished with the bronze with 52.03 seconds.

McLaughlin is a phenomenon of precociousness. She was marked as a star from a very young age, and today, she finished consecrating herself entirely. His first big appearance was at the 2016 Rio Olympics when at the age of 17, he managed to get into the semifinals. 

Also, in the youth category, he had already broken various world records.

Comes from a family of Sydney runners: Her brother Taylor Jr. was the world 400m hurdles runner-up in 2016. Her father was a semifinalist in the US Pre-Olympics for the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

As he turned to professionalism in 2019, McLaughlin was in the shadow of Mohammed, but in 2020 his wife Jackie Jonner joined former coach Bob kersee and his fourth coach in his structure in 2020. There was a break in his career. In four years. On June 27, at the US Pre-Olympics in Eugene, he had already warned what he could do to break the world record.

This world record gave me a lot of confidence, and the uncertainty caused by the epidemic allowed me to make crucial decisions.

Especially mental. This is his eleventh Olympics as a coach. It has been part of the landscape for a long time. He knew exactly what would lead me to this conclusion.

I think my perspective on how I approach the race has changed; I owe a lot to him. We started talking in 2019; he saw something different in me about the others. Our relationship goes much further than the track; he is a great person. Before he ran by instinct, now we see what is best for me, "he added.

He also valued having Dalilah Muhammad as an opponent: "I don't know if we are rivals, I would rather say that we make each other better. We put pressure on each other, but we are part of the same team. Once we get off the track, we can cheer on each other. The 400-meter hurdles are not usually the people's race the most, but we have made it very interesting. It is a pleasure that it is so.