It Is Official -- Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Are Together! One Of Her Exes Has A Warning For The 'SNL' Comedian

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson have finally confirmed that they are dating after weeks of speculation. One of her exes has a warning for SNL comedian.

It Is Official -- Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson Are Together! One Of Her Exes Has A Warning For The 'SNL' Comedian475
source: Extra

A controversial comedian left a high-profile relationship with a pop music star to embark on a new adventure with a much-older actress who dominated most beautiful lists for years. Can this work?

After a lot of recent speculation, the truth has finally surfaced.

Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are indeed dating, as they revealed at a hockey game on Sunday.

The couple shared a passionate kiss in the stands, captured by the curious eyes of photographers in the crowd.

It looks like Davidson still has his neck tattoo that was originally dedicated to Ariana Grande, despite the fact that the two are no longer together.

The whole event went under a romantic note for the two in general, as they could be seen sharing many loving, caring moments together.

This is not the first time fans of the two have been talking about the possibility of them dating.

Rumors about this have been going around for quite a while but had gone unconfirmed until now.

It is not known why the two picked this particular moment to make their relationship official.

It is possible that they did not anticipate that much attention from the crowds, although that is not very likely given the social status of both and their experience with public relationships.

More likely, one or both of them had grown fed up with the constant rumors about their dating and had decided to make things public for good finally.

Hopefully, this relationship manages to last longer than the one Davidson had with Ariana Grande.

The two broke up after an engagement and a strong public display of commitment.

There were lots of rumors about the possible reason behind their break-up, and fans are still speculating on that topic.

Matt Rife, 23, a comedian, who is the ex-boyfriend of the 45-year-old actress has a piece of advice for the Saturday Night Live star, who is 25: "Be careful."

He added: "Advice for Pete? Man-to-man... run. Enjoy it. Enjoy it while you can – I hope they’re both happy and can build to where it’s an established relationship… I wish them both the best. I don’t have any solid advice, just be careful."

Do you agree or disagree that Davidson should be careful?