It Seems The Devil Goes Down To Alabama As Well—Could It Be True?

source: Siff

A small town in the state of Alabama, by the name of Opp, has seen a marked increase in homicides and the local law enforcement is placing all the blame on the Dark Lord himself—Satan.

According to several Facebook posts made by local law enforcement officials, Beelzebub is being blamed for the increase in recent homicides, due to the nonbelievers in the small town.    The local police department took to their Facebook page on Tuesday, expressing their very bold opinion on the problems that have befallen the rural community:

“This is happening because we have turned away from God and embraced Satan.  We may not have meant to do so but, we have.  It is time to ask for God’s help to stop this.”

Although the Facebook post itself has been deleted, before it was taken down it stated that there had been five reported homicides in the small rural community within the last year.  When you consider the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program reported previous only two homicides between 2007 and 2017, you can see what a drastic jump this number really is. 

Almost all rural communities are touched in some way shape or form by homicide, however, what is making this particular town newsworthy is that their law officials are putting the blame on nonbelievers.  With the town currently showing a population of 6500 individuals, no specific number of residents were stated to be actual nonbelievers.

The Facebook post managed to catch the attention of a religious organization that reminded those who posted that the separation of church and state is close to being at risk here.  The group also reminded law enforcement that it is illegal for any government authority to endorse or criticize any form of religious belief.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation demanded that the local law enforcement issue an apology in reference to the Facebook post.

Not only did the departments Facebook post go viral, it brought every troll on the web out of hiding.  Since Tuesday any post on the page, from weather updates to police calls, are been jokingly pointing a finger of blame at Satan.  It would seem that several pranksters are getting their jabs in on the Dark Lord himself, which is only continuing to fan the flames of controversy.  Huffpost even got in on it all, when they stated that they had not been able to locate or track down the diabolical one himself for a comment on the whole situation.

Do you think Satan is behind the rash number of homicides in the small town?