It should be noted that the two parties of the anti-trust reforms are currently being presented

These measures were taken after a long period of research, which is carried out by the united states


Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google can't be forced back into its business practices, according to a wide variety of anti-trust reform, a bipartisan group of House lawmakers said on Friday.

Package of five bills, - as was reported earlier by CNBC and other media outlets, is not going to make it more difficult for the dominant platforms in order to complete the transaction and will ban them from the company, represents the clear interests of the community. The legislation is the most far-reaching reform of the old anti-trust legislation in the past few decades.

The laws must be approved by a Court, committee, prior to the passing of the House. They also need to be approved by the Senate before it can be signed by the President.

These measures were taken after a long period of research, which is carried out by the united states house of representatives ' Legal Sub-committee of the Anti-trust related to any of the four companies was completed in the last year.

At that time, the group came to the conclusion, that, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google monopolies and antitrust laws should be strengthened, and, even better, be able to deal with the unique challenges to compete in digital markets.

At the same time, Democrats and Republicans disagree about some of the decisions, most of them agree that it is perceived as a competition for the loss or damage was caused by, and that reform is needed in order to revive the markets.

The two bills are part of Friday might be very difficult for Amazon and Apple, with a view of the working of the markets, which will include their products, or the use of any other competing providers or developers who rely on their services in a harmful way, according to the new law. These bills are the Anti-trust Platform that Act (which is the name of the U.S. Elections-and with Innovative Online, Act (the Act), which is co-sponsored by the united states house of representatives in the ' Court of the Subcommittee on Antitrust, David Sicillin, D-R. I., and in the End, Anti Monopoly Act (the Act), which is co-sponsored by the Vice-Chair Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash..

The bills and their removal, in the form of the already causing a decline in the proportion of technology, funded by the communities.

"Adoption of a European regulatory model is difficult, but it is impossible to be an American technology companies innovate and compete, both here and around the world," said Jeffrey Mann, ceo and co-founder, International Center for Law and Economics. In the past, the group received financial benefits.

Adam Kovacevic, president and CEO of the center-left advocacy group of the Department of Technology, which is supported by, among others, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, posted a post on Medium earlier this week, said that consumers would lose out more than a dozen well-known features of the two bills were passed.