It's In Kids' DNA to Reject Everything You Do, Kristen Bell Says

source: Instagram

The actress Kristen Bell who voices Princess Anna in the popular Disney animation ''Frozen'', admitted that her kids, Lincoln and Delta, are not fans of the movie and are not obsessed with it.

 In her words, Lincoln and Delta did not also like the hugely popular ''Frozen'' soundtrack. Every time Bell started singing it, they made her stop, the actress confessed.

According to the 39-year-old Bell, it is in children's DNA to reject everything your parents do. Bell also added that when she was little, she disapproved of everything her mother was into. I was always like ''Urg, gross!'' Bell said.

However, Kristen Bell admitted that Lincoln and Delta were curious to know what will happen with the sisters Anna and Elsa in Disney's sequel. 

Therefore, Bell decided to act like a cool mom, read the script, and told her kids ''everything'' about the movie. ''I was in a mood to be a cool mom,'' the actress said, highlighting that she warned the youngsters that their teeth would fall out if they told anyone.

Although her kids were really excited to know everything before the world premiere, her mom realized she was in a breach of her contract with Disney.

''I'm grateful that it is already out, and Disney can no longer bring me to court,'' Bell said. However, she admitted it was a mistake of her to give her children the ''Frozen 2'' spoilers.

Asked whether her children dislike all Disney movies in general, Bell declined, explaining that Lincoln and Delta are in love with ''Moana'' and ''Tangled,'' which features Rapunzel.

They also have the dresses they regularly wear, the proud mom said, saying that they like the ''Rapunzel'' and ''Moana'' dresses very much.

In addition to that, Bell also pointed out that the kids do not possess many ''Frozen'' merchandise to play with.  Before the first movie came out, the producers once gave Bell one doll, but she made it very clear that kids were not allowed to touch it.

However, Bell said they had two or three little ''Frozen'' dolls to play with but not much else.

The much anticipated ''Frozen'' hits the movie theaters six years after the first episode. Asked to comment on the delay, Kristen said it was for good. ''Disney wanted it to be very professional and to tell the story right.''

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Kirsten Bell's opinion that it is in the kids' blood to reject everything their parents do?