James Gunn Once Again In The Director’s Chair—Will Helm Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

In what appears to be a reconciliation of differences, Marvel and Disney Studios announce they have hired James Gunn back.

source: The Denver Channel

Marvel fans were reeling earlier today when it was announced that James Gunn will once again head up the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise.  Yes, it would seem that he has indeed officially been hired back—and too right I say!

However, what fans did not know that long before Marvel and Disney severed ties with Gunn over the surfacing of decades-old tweets, there was talk that he might not have at that time planned to return, to begin with.  

It seems that only after Marvel had him locked in for GOTG 3, did the as mentioned above decade old tweets seem to gain more momentum in the online social media juggernaut.  As a result, it is being said that Disney is actually the one who decided to let Gunn go, although Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige agreed as well. 

As for the third installment in the iconic franchise, the last few months have certainly taken a significant toll.  The film was initially targeted to begin production last year, however, after Gunn's firing, Marvel Studios found itself not only scrambling to find a director but also stated they would totally rework Gunn's script as well.  

There were a massive amount of rumors and speculation as to who Feige would replace Gunn with, but they were just that—rumors and speculations.  No one was ever officially hired, and the film was just left hanging in limbo.  

Fans had hoped that Disney, Marvel, and Gunn would come to terms and hammer out an agreement, however when it was announced that Gunn had been hired to direct and write the Suicide Squad sequel over at Warner Brothers for DC, fans hopes all but faded.

It is worth noting that even though Marvel and Disney handled the Gunn firing in the manner in which they did, Gunn remained mute about the whole situation.  He never took the specifics of the case to social media, nor did he even present his view on the matter.  Now that he has been officially re-hired he hopped back onto Twitter to thank the fans and all those individuals who supported and believed in him.

Now that Gunn is back in the director's chair, it will be interesting to see how this will affect and where it will lead GOTG 3.  We do know that unfortunately instead of playing a significant part in the kicking off of Phase 4 of the MCU, the film may actually serve in wrapping up the phase instead.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Did Marvel and Disney realize their mistake, almost too late, and decide to cut their losses while they could?