Jeff Bezos's mysterious $ 500 million superyacht, It will be transferred to another shipyard


It will be transferred to another shipyard next month for the final overhaul. Oceanco in the Netherlands manufactured it. It will be 127 meters in length and multiple amenities.

Even in the world of superyachts, the Y721 project outperforms the rest.

When completed, it will be 127 meters (417 feet) long, on multiple decks, and, according to the information available on the website and various online bulletin boards of those interested in its preparation. I will play three massive masks. This will make it one of the largest sailing boats ever built in the Netherlands, the capital of the wealthiest non-state shipbuilding.

Or in this case, for the richest of the rich: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest person on the planet, owns the ship that will move to a new shipyard for the finish next month, according to people close with it. The billionaire's favorite project. A spokesman for Oceanco, the Dutch yacht maker responsible for the ship, declined to comment.

Bezos's superyacht - which will likely cost more than $ 500 million to build and has his helipad support yacht - is the latest accessory heralding the Amazon mogul's transformation from geek technologist to globetrotting mega-billionaire.

According to three people familiar with the director's plans, there is also a new yacht at the request of Steven Spielberg, who did not have the authority to speak publicly about it. His current batch was recently listed at 158 million. A spokesman for the famous artist refused to say.

Sam Tucker, head of supremacy research at London-based Wessels Valve, told Bloomberg Agency's Devon Pendleton and Brad Stone that the market is booming. A number of transactions in recent circles "Record broken: Second-hand market is very hot.

If anything, the demand for unusually high-end yachts has boosted supply. "You can't find new construction yard space. They're full," Tucker said.

Inland waterways in northern Germany are home to many of the world's most reputable shipbuilders, filled with the city's block-sized steel holes, including future super hatches, as well as returning to restore existing yachts. In total, there are about 50 ships under construction at more than 100 meters, Tucker said. Breer-based Luerssen is responsible for 10 of them.

The COVID-19 did not exist when Bezos made his request a couple of years ago. Still, the pandemic has contributed to the boom in the industry, with the superficial cancellation and the closing of the land borders, the sudden sailing of private and socially narrow leisure. The best option and a good way to avoid the public eye is to know that in difficult times the rich can be the victims of abuse.

The pandemic gave new value to so-called explorer yachts, some of which can sail 9,000 nautical miles without the need for refueling, said Aino Grapin, executive director of the superyacht interior studio Winch Design. "Consumers can enjoy life at sea for a long time without mingling with others," he said.

As with any industry, yacht builders were concerned last year when initial lockdowns froze new orders and markets fell. But, by the summer, the super-rich realized they hadn't really lost any money. By many measures, 2020 was a record year. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as business closures left millions unemployed and global GDP plummeted, the world's richest people added $ 1.8 trillion to their collective fortune.

And the orders to create superyachts started to move.

The type of wealth has changed, but not wealth itself said Giovanna Vitelli, vice president of the Azimut Benetti Group, which has about three dozen superheats in its order book. This is the difference between 2008 and the crisis.

Part of the boom is the change in the lifestyle of the mega-millionaires. Once they rent a villa for their dozens of friends and family, they are now welcomed on the ship. People are also buying yachts before setting foot on board, something unheard of just a year ago.

Enthusiasm among yachting neophytes for boat ownership is another indicator of the growing fortunes of the wealthy as the world moves toward a K-shaped recovery from the pandemic. Beyond the initial purchase price, owning a superyacht is expensive, with operating costs averaging around 10% of a boat's value, or $ 60 million a year and more on the higher end.

According to the Bloomberg ranking, that won't bother Bezos, whose fortune is around $ 200 billion. In 2019, Bezos enjoyed the nautical life, on vacation at The Eos, the sailing yacht of friend Barry Diller - president and CEO of IAC and the executive responsible for the media for the creation of Fox Broadcasting Company - and his wife, fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. That same year, rumors circulated online that he had purchased a 130-meter motor yacht called the Flying Fox. But those statements were wrong; Bezos's sailboat will be related to Diller's.

One thing you won't have, because of its large ship, is a helipad. So Bezos and his partner, Lauren Sanchez, a helicopter pilot, have started supporting yachts. People are aware of their plans.