Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, inseparable: they were seen together in Miami


The actor left Los Angeles to spend a few days with J.Lo, who is in Florida for work reasons.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue their romance. New photos were taken Sunday show the 51-year-old Latin singer and 48-year-old actor together in Miami, Florida.

Affleck was seen at the Miami airport on Sunday and later at the house that J.Lo rented. In the images published by the tabloid Daily Mail, the couple can be seen smiling and enjoying their reunion after several days away for work reasons.

A week ago, Ben invited his girlfriend on a romantic getaway to a ski resort in Montana, where the actor owns a chalet. The paparazzi found them, and the photographs confirmed the reconciliation. After that short break, J.Lo traveled alone to Florida.

According to a source from the magazine people, while in Los Angeles, the singer and actress "spent time with Ben" and then kept in touch every day when she had to leave town for work. Jennifer is pleased and enthusiastic about her future together.

It's very clear that they love each other very much, but they don't want to ruin anything by labeling or putting too much pressure on themselves, a source told US Weekly magazine. When the time is right and assuming that things go well between the two of them, maybe in a month or two, they will make their relationship official on Instagram or join hands in a restaurant.

In March, it became known that J.Lo and Alex Rodríguez had ended their four-year romance. Although they initially denied being apart, on April 15, the singer and the former baseball star confirmed that their two-year engagement was over.

It all started in February when J.Lo was filming his new movie in the Dominican Republic and was going through a serious crisis with Rodríguez. According to TMZ, Ben and J.Lo started sending each other more than friendly emails. Once, Ben wrote to tell her how much he wished he could be there with her. 

He was filming the The tender Bar in Boston under George Clooney, and he was still attached to A Rod, which visited him on the island to rebuild the relationship.

When J. Lowe returned to Los Angeles, they began holding secret meetings at the singer's mansion, who had formally forged an end to their relationship with Rodriguez, which broke the news according to various media outlets. I was "shocked" to hear the news. Your ex's romance

"It's just a matter of time," a source told Life & Style magazine. "It's as if the stars have straightened out. After two years of tumultuous romance, the two are alone for the first time since their split. It may have been almost two decades ago, but Ben and Jay Are you picking it up there?

"J.Lo and Ben are regarding where the relationship is going," Life & Style magazine wrote. "They are joining again. The chemistry is still there". Jen's friends say that she always believed this would happen. "Nobody knows how it will release, but they are enjoying every moment. They are very pleased to be in each other's life again".

The actors starred in a short and intense love story that began on "Gigli" in 2002. They got engaged the same year and decided to get married in September 2003, but a few days before the wedding, the couple canceled. A few months later, they parted ways.

After their breakup, they each went their way and started their own family. J.Lo married Marc Anthony, with whom she had two children named Emme and Max. For his role, Affleck came in love with Jennifer Garner. He became the father of Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

However, the two left and maintained their single life. They had other romantic relationships, J.Lo was about to marry Rodríguez, and Affleck found love in the actress Ana de Armas. He separated in January after a year-long courtship. Finally, 17 years later, the singer from the Bronx and the director of "Argo" met again.