Jennifer Lopez's grand gesture for love towards Ben Affleck.


The singer was seen researching schools in Los Angeles, suggesting that she could move with her children there to be close to the actor.

Jennifer Lopez was photographed walking to a school in the Los Angeles area. The 51-year-old Latin star lives with her twin children Max and Amy, in Miami, Florida. Still, everything shows that she is thinking of moving to the West Coast to live near her boyfriend 48, Ben Affleck. He lives in Los Angeles to live with his three children.

JLo was seen visiting the school on Friday afternoon after spending time at her home in Los Angeles with her boyfriend. According to the American site TMZ, the singer's visit to the educational center may be an indication that she is seriously considering moving and is looking for a place to study for her 13-year-old children.

Last week, JLo and Ben decided to make their public appearances for the first time. In the pictures, they can be seen cheering and enjoying each other's company. On one occasion, the "On Floor" singer rested his head on the director's chest. He was apprehended on his way to a restaurant in western Hollywood's Pendry Hotel.

Jennifer Lopez was a mother during her marriage to Marc Anthony. Meanwhile, Affleck is the father of Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel from his relationship with fellow actress Jennifer Garner.

They lived together in Miami earlier in a mansion that Jay Lu had rented for himself and his children. After a brief hiatus, Affleck flew back to Los Angeles, while Lopez remained, but then returned to the West Coast to meet the actor again.

Affleck and Lopez, who separated in 2004, began seeing each other again in April this year after ending their engagement to Alex Rodriguez after a four-year relationship. "We have realized that we are better off as friends, and we hope that will continue," he said in a joint statement.

The romance began in February when J. Lou Lou was shooting his new film in the Danican Republic and was going through a serious crisis with Rodriguez, who, according to various media outlets, heard the news of his former friends. " I was in shock.

The first meetings were far from the singer's home and press in Los Angeles. A week later, Ben invited his girlfriend to a ski resort in Montana. The paparazzi found them, and the pictures confirmed the reconciliation.

The actors acted in an intense love story that began in 2002 with "Gigli." They got engaged the same year and decided to get married in September 2003, but the couple canceled a few days before the wedding. A few months later, they separated.

This romance has the approval of the people necessary in the lives of Ben and JLo. In Ben's case, his ex-wife and mother of three, Jennifer Garner, pushed the relationship forward. She is happy to be with someone who is successful in her own right and does not use it to gain fame, a source told In Touch magazine. Upon hearing this news, the actor's close friend Matt Damon also expressed his happiness. Asked about romance in a television interview, he said, "I love you both, and I hope it's true."

Jennifer's mother, Guadalupe, is happy with the news, the publication notes. She always loved Ben and promised him that he would never break his daughter's heart again. And he wants her to be able to get married. Finally, sources told the media.