Joe Biden and Boris Johnson met for the first time on the eve of the G7 summit.


To mark the importance of the relationship with his British ally, the American president began his visit by meeting with the prime minister in Carbis Bay, southwest England.

On the eve of the G7, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson met for the first time this Thursday, determined to sign a new Atlantic pact, but in a context complicated by Brexit and its consequences in Northern Ireland.

This first international trip by the US president seeks to mark the "return" of the United States after the mandate of Donald Trump, Biden said upon his arrival in the United Kingdom on Wednesday for a European tour that will take him to the summit of the seven great world economies—meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

To mark the importance of the relationship with his British ally, Biden began his visit by meeting with the British Prime Minister in Carbis Bay, a coastal city in the southwest of England where the G7 will be held from Friday to Sunday.

They both saluted each other, instead of shaking hands, due to the pandemic.

"We are all very happy to see him," Johnson told the US president after a walk with their respective wives along the Cornish coast in rough weather.

During his conversation with Johnson, Biden joked about their respective wives, Jill Biden and Carrie Johnson, noting that they both married beyond their means.

Johnson welcomed Biden to his country: "I think it's his first trip abroad," he recalled.

The American president indicated with amusement to the prime minister that he was delighted to meet his wife.

"I have told the prime minister that we have something in common: we both married beyond our means," said Biden, to which Johnson replied that he was not going to disagree with the US president on this or other issues.

Johnson, 56, recently married in secret in the Catholic Cathedral of Westminster (London) with Carrie Symonds, maiden name of his partner, with 33 years.

Before beginning the meeting, behind closed doors, both reviewed documents and photos of the signing of the "Atlantic Charter" in 1941 by their predecessors Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was conceived on board the ships HMS "Prince of Wales" and the American USS "Augusta." Johnson recalled that Churchill appeared in a Navy uniform.

Precisely this Thursday, Biden and Johnson will agree on a new version of that document, conceived following the model of the one agreed by their predecessors 80 years ago, but taking into account new threats such as cyberattacks and the climate crisis.

The UK is the first leg of Biden's international tour. Following the summit, Biden will be greeted by Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday and will then attend the NATO meeting in Brussels before another summit with the EU.

His long trip to Europe will culminate on Wednesday in Geneva in a meeting with Putin.

We are going to make it clear that the United States is back and that the world's democratic parties are united to meet the toughest challenges. Took office