Joe Biden Announced Travel Restrictions From India To United States Due To COVID-19 Outbreak


The measure responds to the vertiginous increase in cases and deaths in the Asian country and will take effect from next May 4

The White House said on Friday that the United States would impose a travel ban on India from next week due to the widespread spread of Covid 19 in India.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement that the administration would ban travel from India on the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Furthermore, he cited "an extraordinarily high number of COVID-19 cases and multiple variants circulating in India". He said that the decision would take effect on May 4.

Biden issued a similar ban in January for most non-US citizens entering the country who would have been in South Africa. It has also imposed entry restrictions on almost all non-US travelers from Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and 26 European countries, allowing them to travel across open borders.

India registered a new record of COVID-19 cases this Friday, exceeding 380,000 daily. At the same time, international aid shipments arrive in the country. The nation prepares, amid the shortage of doses, for a start on Saturday of the entire adult population vaccination.

The contagion curve in India has become accustomed to breaking record after record in recent weeks, without the peak of the second wave insight, which has overcome the most pessimistic outlook, with saturated hospitals, frequent calls for help in search of oxygen, and overflowing crematoria.

Thus, amid this apocalyptic reality, the country registered 386,452 new infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to more than 18.7 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic; global data only surpassed so far by States. United.

The deaths approached 3,500 during the last day, a slight decrease compared to yesterday's data. However, specialists within the health sector assured that these numbers are well below the reality that the country suffers, given the constant shipment of corpses. To crematoria or lack of analysis.

India has anchored itself in the global epicenter of a pandemic that is advancing unstoppably: in these last seven days, the average number of daily infections exceeded 357,000, while the average number of deaths exceeded, for the first time, the 3,000 thresholds, raising the total to 208,000 deaths since the beginning of the crisis.

On Wednesday, the White House said the United States was sending more than $ 100 million to India to help fight the rise of Covid 19.