Joe Biden Is Accused Of Inappropriate Touching And Kissing By Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores -- Will He Still Run?

Joe Biden is facing the first real test of his presidential campaign in the making, Lucy Flores has accused the former vice president of inappropriate kissing.

source: Politico

It appears that Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign has been derailed before it was even launched.

In a piece published by Lucy Flores, a former Democratic candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor, on Friday, it was revealed that Biden acted inappropriately with her at an event that took place in 2014.


Flores shared her story by saying: “As I was taking deep breaths and preparing myself to make my case to the crowd, I felt two hands on my shoulders. I froze. Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me? I felt him get closer to me from behind. He leaned further in and inhaled my hair. I was mortified.” 

She went on to reveal: “He proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head. My brain couldn’t process what was happening. I was embarrassed. I was shocked. I was confused.”

Flores continued with: "never experienced anything so blatantly inappropriate and unnerving before."

 A spokesman for Biden issued a statement saying that neither he nor his staff remembered the events described by Flores.

The statement read: "Vice President Biden was pleased to support Lucy Flores’s candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada in 2014 and to speak on her behalf at a well-attended public event." 

It continued with: "Neither then, nor in the years since, did he or the staff with him at the time have an inkling that Ms. Flores had been at any time uncomfortable, nor do they recall what she describes. But Vice President Biden believes that Ms. Flores has every right to share her own recollection and reflections, and that it is a change for better in our society that she has the opportunity to do so. He respects Ms. Flores as a strong and independent voice in our politics and wishes her only the best."

Flores, a person who was a big Bernie Sanders supporter, said she felt the urge to speak up because of Biden "getting uncomfortably close with women and young girls."

Many still believe that Biden will announce a presidential run next month.