Joe Biden is introducing new measures against COVID-19 after the Omicron variety appeared in the United States.


Joe Biden is introducing new measures against COVID-19 after the Omicron variety appeared in the United States.

The president will announce more requirements for travelers and more significant efforts in testing and vaccination, in addition to the extension of the mandatory use of masks in public transport.

US President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday the campaign against COVID-19, which will increase new needs for travelers and increase vaccination efforts.

Although Biden came to the presidency promising to fight the pandemic, the mutations of the coronavirus pose a considerable challenge, helping to sink his approval ratings.

From the National Institutes of Health, outside Washington, Biden will deliver a speech. He will list a series of measures designed to crush COVID-19 during the Borrel winter as Omekron spreads around the world in a variety of ways - creating new concerns and restrictions.

On Wednesday, the first case of such an infection was detected in the United States.

The White House has already announced that from "the beginning of next week," all travelers must, in addition to being vaccinated, present a negative test carried out the day before their departure. This will apply to both Americans and foreigners.

For internal displacement, Biden will announce an extension of the mandatory use of a mask on planes, trains, and other public transportation until mid-March, a senior official said.

The new measures seek to reassure Americans and show that Biden is doing everything in his power to prevent the pandemic from derailing America's impressive economic recovery and the Christmas holidays.

The president and his advisers have reiterated that there will be no return to mass closures in recent days.

But the government faces the fact that many Americans are not receptive to Biden's calls for collective action to defeat the pandemic. About 40% of the population is still not fully immunized, despite creative attempts to encourage vaccination.

And nearly 100 million people eligible for booster shots have yet to seize the chance.

National Campaign

A nationwide campaign targeting Medicare public health recipients will seek to expand vaccination and booster shots, partnering with the government with AARP, a major lobby group representing people over 50.

At the other end of the age scale, the Biden administration will ensure that schools do not return to mass closures.

"When the president took office, more than half of the schools in this country were closed," said the senior official.

"Today, we have a vaccine for children five years and older, and more than 99% of schools across the country are fully open," he said, adding that "the president will announce the steps to ensure that it remains that way."

Likewise, the use of home test kits will be encouraged, announcing that "medical insurance must cover 100% of its cost," said the official.

For those without health insurance, the availability of free kits will be increased. "Our supply of home tests is four times higher this month than it was in late summer," the official said.