Joe Biden Looks Like The Strongest Democratic Candidate In 2020 Against Donald Trump: Can He Win The White House?

Joe Biden is doing well against Donald Trump in an Iowa poll and Democrats are enthusiastic about his potential candidacy. Can he beat the president in 2020?

source: Business Insider

It looks like the Democratic Party's candidate for the 2020 presidential election is clear. At least that is what the polls indicate, as Joe Biden has recently made steady progress in this regard. 

Public opinions about him are on the rise, and there is a lot of approval of his potential candidacy within the party as well.

While the difference might not be that much yet, Biden is moving up steadily, already leading with 51 to 49 percent in Iowa when matching up against President Donald Trump.

Biden is the only Democrat in a solid position to win this important swing state that has been trending towards Republicans in recent elections. 

The state has been pointed out as a critical one in the last presidential elections, and it makes sense that both sides would try to actively push to make a strong impression in it.

It is important to note that there has still been no official confirmation that Biden even intends to run in the next election. Although people close to him say, it is more likely than not.

However, it would be disappointing to a large number of people if he indeed has no such plans, given the strong support he has seen so far.

He is not a new name in politics, and he has already established strong connections in many areas. 

A potential presidential campaign from his side would have a very strong chance, according to many experts and general commenters.

However, there is still a long time to go until the November 2020 election, and a lot can happen until then. 

It would not be the first time a promising candidate has found himself in a more challenging position after a particular turn of events leading up to his election. 

There do not seem to be any such indications for Biden so far, but anything is possible over the next months.

Senator Kamala Harris is the only other candidate generating a bit of enthusiasm among Democrats. However, she performs less well against Mr. Trump in Iowa.

Can Democrats beat Trump in 2020? Is Biden on his way to the White House?