Joe Biden paid tribute on Memorial Day: "The diversity of our country has always been a great strength."


The US president led the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery, where he left a wreath of flowers and delivered a speech in defense of democracy.

President Joe Biden went to Arlington National Cemetery on Monday to commemorate Memorial Day, in a ceremony in which he left a wreath and delivered his speech.

"This nation was built on an idea," Biden said in a speech in Arlington. "We were built on an idea, the idea of ​​freedom and opportunity for everyone. We have never fully realized that aspiration of our founders, but each generation has opened the door a little more".

The president focused a large part of his speech on the importance of democracy, highlighting the importance of voting, having a free press, and equal rights. "Empathy is the fuel of democracy. The will to see ourselves not as enemies but as neighbors. Understand what situation the other is in. (...) 

He emphasized that the diversity of our country and our armed forces was and always has been a great strength.

Biden said that generation after generation of American heroes are involved in the fight because they understand the fact that lives in the heart of every American: that freedom, opportunity and justice are more likely to be more than sovereignty in a democracy. Is.

Accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and another gentleman, at a special ceremony at the Unknown Soldier's Tomb in Virginia State Cemetery, dedicated to members of the Falling U.S. Service whose remains have not been identified. 

Biden bowed his head and made the sign of the cross while standing in front of the crown. Harris and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin were behind him. 

"All the people we respect today gave their lives for the country, but they will always live in our hearts," he said.

This is the first Memorial Day with Biden as commander-in-chief, a special date for him as he remembers his late son Beau, a veteran who died six years ago.

On Sunday, Biden addressed a crowd of military families and other veterans at a ceremony on the War Memorial Plaza esplanade in New Castle, Delaware. Earlier, he and other family members attended a memorial service for their son.