Joe Biden promoted his infrastructure plan and played down inflation in the US on Jimmy Fallon's show.


The president participated for the first time in a television late-night since his arrival at the White House. He also took the opportunity to address his multi-million dollar social and environmental reforms program. In addition, he called on Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

US President Joe Biden took advantage of his first late-night television show appearance since taking office on Friday to promote his infrastructure plan and downplay his low approval ratings.

Biden's appearance on host Jimmy Fallon's NBC show is the first of its kind by a president since Barack Obama. It comes in total effort from the White House to highlight the recently approved plan to renovate infrastructure.

Despite this approval, the president's acceptance rates have plunged to around 40%, due in part to the blow from inflation.

Asked by host Jimmy Fallon if he pays attention to these polls, Biden replied, "Well, not anymore. "I'm kidding. I paid attention to it when I was in the 60s, but now that I'm in my 40s, I no longer pay attention to it, "he said, arousing laughter from the audience.

Biden's videoconference appearance comes after his predecessor Donald Trump declined all invitations to popular late-nights on American television.

Obama often used host-led shows like Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, or Stephen Colbert to address a broad audience.

Fallon opened the show by joking that they would "discuss the economy, the infrastructure plan and analyze the first two episodes of the sequel to Sex and the City ."

He also introduced a joke about inflation, explaining that he had asked the president how excited he was to participate in the show on a scale of zero to ten.

He said ten. But six without inflation, "he joked.

During the conversation, Biden addressed his multi-million dollar social and environmental reform program, urged Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, and assured that inflation would curb.

Fallon, who thanked Biden for "bringing the class back to the presidential office," was invited to the White House for dinner at the end of the interview.

Biden's infrastructure plan is designed to create jobs across the country by distributing billions of dollars to state and local governments to repair bridges and highways and expand broadband internet access to millions of Americans.

The enactment ceremony was a rare moment in a country where both sides were keen to come together and celebrate a bipartisan achievement.

The president said on November 15 that the bill's approval shows that "despite the cynics, Democrats and Republicans can unite and get results ." He called the now law a "blueprint to rebuild America."

"Too often in Washington, the reason we don't do things is that we insist on getting everything we want. With this law, we focus on getting things done," Biden said.

Speakers included Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the Arizona Democratic centrist whose opposition to some tax increases has forced a reduction in supplemental legislation, Biden's $ 1.75 trillion social safety net plan called "Rebuild Better. ".

Biden signed an executive order ahead of the ceremony ordering US-made materials to be given priority in infrastructure projects, the White House said. It also established a task force comprised of senior cabinet officials to guide the implementation of the legislation.