Joe Biden said he is "deeply disappointed" by Turkey's exit from the convention against sexist violence.


Joe Biden said he is "deeply disappointed" by Turkey's exit from the convention against sexist violence.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's regime abandoned the Istanbul pact that obliges governments to adopt legislation against abuses such as marital rape and female genital mutilation.


The United States president, Joe Biden, was "deeply disappointed" this Sunday by the announcement that Turkey would abandon a Council of Europe agreement against sexist violence.

It is an unfavorable step for the international movement to end violence against women," Biden said in a statement.

In 2011 the Istanbul Convention was signed. It requires governments to use legislation that penalizes household violence and similar types of abuses, including female genital mutilation and marital rape.

On Friday, Turkey withdrew from that treaty, prompting demonstrations by thousands of people in the country Saturday to demand that the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reverse that decision.

That "sudden" and "unjustified" withdrawal is "deeply disappointing," Biden said. Gender violence is a punishment that affects the whole world. In recent weeks, we have seen too many examples of horrible and brutal attacks against women, including the tragic murders in Georgia," continued the US president.

And we have witnessed extensive harm to women around the globe living under the usual light of gender-based harshness.

 It hurts us all, and we must all do more to create societies in which women can develop their lives without violence," He declared.

In August 2020, Erdogan affirmed that he would withdraw from the deal if the people wanted and declared his purpose to build a modified agreement on his own. 

Conservative Islamist groups pressured the AKP for this withdrawal, considering that some articles have a negative impact on "the family structure" and go against "national values." They allege that the topic raises homosexuality by adopting the word "sexual orientation" and pushes family esteem by explaining the links of "people who reside together" without defining whether they are partnered.

The United States and Turkey, both NATO members, have had extremely tense relations since 2016. President Erdogan has yet to meet with Biden since the latter took office in January.

Last week, Washington condemned efforts by the Turkish officials to ban the main pro-party Kurdish.