Joe Biden said that the economic recovery in the United States is "historic."


The North American president highlighted the increase from the beginning of his administration during a press conference on the employment report in June, which created 850,000 jobs in the month.

US President Joe Biden said the country's economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis is "historic. "

The economy last grew at that rate in 1984, and Ronald Reagan would tell us, "It's daylight hours in the United States." Well, it's almost noon here. The president of North America said that the sun is rising.

Biden called the "historic breakthrough" in hiring and job creation an offer to vaccinate against the corona virus a "fight against epidemics" and its US rescue plan. "At the time, people were questioning whether we should do it or not, even if we didn't have bilateral cooperation. Well, it worked," he said. He added: "Simply put, our economy is moving forward.

"We are preparing to celebrate Independence Day. Today's job news has brought us something else to celebrate," he assured of the 850,000 jobs created in the United States in June.

The Labor Department report mentioned by Biden highlights that the figures "are considerably below their peaks of April 2020, but remain well above their levels before the coronavirus pandemic", recalling that in February 2020, the unemployment rate was 3.5%, and 5.7 million people were out of work.

Unsurprisingly, there have been "notable" job gains in the leisure and hospitality sectors, which have suffered the most from restrictive measures related to COVID-19. But an effective vaccination campaign has allowed many businesses to reopen quickly.

Other important achievements have been in public, and private education, with the reopening of many schools, announced at the beginning of the next school year at the end of the summer.

Economists were expecting a very strong employment report, with some predicting a million new jobs.

But the labor market continues to face endless difficulties:  there is a mismatch between jobs and the profile of the unemployed, many unemployed cannot return to work because they do not have how to take care of their children or because they are still afraid of catching COVID- 19.