Joe Biden stated that he could not guarantee the "result" of the evacuation operation in Afghanistan.


The president of the United States assured that "there was no way to end the war in Afghanistan without happening something of what is being seen now" and reported that 18,000 people have already been evacuated through the Kabul airport.

After several days of ups and downs in the evacuation of Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country, President Joe Biden assured that he could not guarantee the "final result" of the evacuation operation, in the second message in a week about the situation in Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of civilians have tried to flee since the Taliban took power.

"This evacuation mission is dangerous. It involves risks to our armed forces and is carried out in difficult circumstances. I cannot promise what the result will be or that it will be without risk of loss, "he said, adding that "there was no way to end the war in Afghanistan without some of what is happening now.

However, the president promised that US forces would remove all Americans who want to return to Afghanistan.

In a speech from the White House, the president insisted that the evacuation operation "was one of the largest and most complexes we have ever done."

Biden added that his country would do everything possible to safely evacuate its Afghan allies and partners and other citizens who are at risk in Afghanistan. In addition, he confirmed that, since August 14, some 13 thousand people were evacuated from the land.

"The United States remains committed to our collaborators, as well as to women activists and journalists," he added.

During press questions, the president, backed by Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, responded to what he described as the chaos of the operation last week: We did not expect the total surrender of the Afghan army, if they had fought and maintained Kabul, the story would be different. However, the majority consensus was that the Afghan forces were not going to give up the fight".

In addition, the president affirmed that he had not seen the United States allies question the credibility of the American giant for the conduct of its withdrawal from Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country.

"I see no doubt about the credibility of our allies around the world," Biden said in a speech at the White House. Was also providing the facility. And our partners.

He also confirmed that he had contacted Boris Johnson from the UK, Angela Merkel, Germany, and Emmanuel Macron from France. All had agreed "that the G7 meet next week to coordinate our focus on Afghanistan."

Finally, he insisted on the need to concentrate international pressure on the Taliban regarding the treatment they give to Afghans, specifically to women and girls, given the concern generated by the arrival of the fundamentalists to power.

Last Monday, he had made his first intervention, with a brief television presentation, in which he "firmly" defended his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan before August 31, where they had been fighting for 20 years. "I am the president of the United States; in the end, the responsibility is mine," he said.

In an interview with ABC two days later, the Democratic president explained that the US withdrawal would always create some kind of chaos in the country.