Joe Biden to hold a first presidential press conference on March 25: White House

source: CNN Politics

March 25 press conference will be held after 60 days of the Biden tenure. 


White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday. After joining office next week, the President will hold his first formal press conference.

The Biden was sworn in on January 20. With journalists, the entire question and answer of the session waited so long, broke its predecessor. 

The White House says he has often answered questions in informal settings instead.

The press conference will be held on March 25 after 60 days of the Biden tenure. 

US media on both left and right have increasingly sharpened attacks on the President during the delay. Last weekend, the Washington Post noted that Biden's predecessor Donald Trump had given five press conferences simultaneously, and Barack Obama had given two.

Fox News has made the lack of formal press conferences a constant headline.

However, Biden takes few questions from reporters during daily events.

On Tuesday, he answered two questions just before leaving the White House to travel to Pennsylvania to promote its huge stimulus package.

Psaki, speaking for Biden, gives journalists a long briefing every day, unlike spokespersons during the Trump administration who were often long without answering questions - except for Fox News.

Critics suggest that Biden's team is concerned about a press conference's unpredictability, that efforts will be made to limit it to tightly controlled events, such as a widely acclaimed speech to the nation last Thursday.

However, according to Psaki, Biden didn't prioritize a press conference as his first two months in office were taken up by the massive challenges of getting his $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package through Congress and getting the Covid-19 vaccinations End the pandemic intensify.

There was his time, energy, and focus," said Psaki at one of her briefings.

The White House also says that trump had many media interactions and tweeted all times, but Biden has reverted its traditional position. And they say the reliable model of his press office managing the news.

The Biden's chief of staff, Ron Klain, made fun of the mini-controversy recently and tweeted a mocking talk between a husband and a wife, giving the good news of excitement, money, vaccines, and the reopening of the school. 

The woman concludes, But I can't get quit of the feeling that Biden isn't taking enough press conferences.