Joe Biden warned Russia that cybersecurity could lead to war.


The president of the United States spoke at an event before dozens of intelligence agents about the dangers of disinformation, fake news, and the rosy attempts to influence the upcoming mid-term elections in the North American country.

US President Joe Biden issued a stern warning to Russia and its President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, saying cybersecurity could one day "end a real armed conflict."

In a speech to the intelligence community, Biden warned of the dangers posed by cyber threats and the "threat" posed by Putin, which he said weakened his position in the global context.

Putin has only nuclear weapons and oil, that's all. Biden said in a speech during a visit to the office of National Intelligence Director Avril Haines that "he is facing difficulties, and he is more dangerous than that."

In his speech to dozens of intelligence agents, Biden stressed that cyber threats were causing significant damage in the real world.

Biden also spoke of the damage caused by disinformation. At that point, he again criticized Russia, considering that that country is spreading such false data "in an attempt to influence" the midterm elections next year in the United States.

Look at what Russia is already doing in the 2022 elections and misinformation. "This is a clear violation of our sovereignty when it comes to electing Congressmen, governors, and other local bodies," he said, referring to information received about the 2022 elections.

The US President did not forget about China in this speech. He noted that he had spent more time with Chinese President Xi Jinping than with any other world leader. Then, however, it was his vice president stage.

He warned that China is on track to become the world's most significant military force and the planet's largest economy, which it will achieve at this rate, he said, in the 2040s.

Washington recently accused Beijing of carrying out the massive March attack on Microsoft Exchange while repeatedly calling on Russia to take action against ransomware attacks originating in the country.

However, he acknowledged that the United States must cooperate with Russia and China, even if they are deadly rivals.

In the fall of 2022, there will be so-called midterm elections in the United States. All seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate have been renewed.

Numerous governors and other state and municipal offices are also elected.

Biden discusses mandatory vaccinations for federal employees

The US president said Tuesday that vaccination against COVID-19 is being " considered " mandatory for federal workers at a time when the delta variant is spreading throughout the United States, and a significant amount of Americans remain reluctant to get vaccinated.

Following a speech at the National Director of Intelligence office, Biden claimed that his government was considering the possibility in response to a reporter's question.

Meanwhile, the Department of Veterans Affairs became the day before the first federal agency that made mandatory vaccination COVID-19 for their health workers.

Hours earlier, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki left open the possibility that more agencies implement similar requirements, noting that the government would continue to "seek ways to protect our workers and save more lives.