Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that there would be consequences from the wave of intense cyberattacks


Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that there would be consequences from the wave of intense cyberattacks in the United States.

The US president requested an analysis of the intelligence unit on the events and announced the transfer of "all government resources" to elucidate the origin and cause of the attacks.

President Joe Biden assured that there would be a "response" from the United States if it is confirmed that the insistent cyber attacks against North American servers are "under the knowledge or consequence of Russia."

"I have not called (Putin) because we are not sure. The initial idea is that it has been the Russian government, but we are still not sure, "added Biden. 

Less than a year ago, the US president met with his Russian counterpart to try to soften the strained relations between the two countries through Donald Trump.

Biden said in the framework of his visit to the state of Michigan, "I'm not sure who it is with certainty (...) so I have asked the intelligence community to do an in-depth analysis of what happened to me." ۔ White house.

The United States president announced the transfer of "all government resources" to elucidate the origin and cause of the large-scale computer attack that various US technology firms received last Friday.


This Friday, up to a thousand small and medium-sized North American companies, many of the IT firms, were affected by a new large-scale cyber attack by the same group that affected the meat supplier JBS Foods during the month of June.

According to an alert from the firm specializing in computers, the Revil criminal gang is believed to be operating out of Eastern Europe or Russia; this time targeted a software vendor known as Kaseya, whose products are widely used by IT management and other businesses security Huntress Labs.

In at least one case, the cases have demanded the payment of a ransom of five million dollars for companies to recover the data of their corporate clients, right now in danger of ending up in the hands of the highest bidder, as explained by one of the directors firm executives, Kyle Hanslovan, to CNN.

The firm called on its clients to immediately shut down their servers "until further notice." It indicated that they would do the same with their service servers.

"Our external experts have advised us that customers who have experienced ransomware (a program that hijacks user data in exchange for payment to release it) and receive communications from attackers should not click on any links, as they may be a weapon," added the communication that appeared on the company's website.

The US Agency for Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure (CISA) said on its website that it was taking steps "to understand and address the recent ransomware attack" against Kaseya's VSA program and multiple service providers.

Ransomware exploits the security holes of a company or individual. They lock your computer systems, then demand a ransom to unlock them.

"According to the computer models, the ransomware notes and the TOR URL (the Internet address used), we firmly believe" that a member of the group of hackers known as Revel or Sodinokibi "is at the origin of these intrusions," Huntress Labs said in a message posted on the Reddit forum.

This is the latest in a series of cyberattacks that have alerted US authorities. In May, an attack on the Colonial Pipeline interrupted fuel shipments to gas stations on the East Coast. In June, the attack on JBS caused the temporary closure of its nine US beef processing plants. In addition, the attack affected the company's activities in that country and Australia for several days.