John McAfee, the founder of the famous antivirus, was found dead in prison after his extradition


John McAfee, the founder of the famous antivirus, was found dead in prison after his extradition to the United States was approved.

McAfee's founder had recently said he was politically hunted.

The founder of McAfee antivirus, American John McAfee, was found dead on Wednesday in his cell in Brians prison in Barcelona, ​​Spanish media reported.

According to these sources, a judicial delegation traveled to the prison to study the causes of death. According to these sources, everything indicates that it is a suicide.

According to the newspaper, the prison's surveillance professionals and medical services intervened to practice resuscitation maneuvers without success.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Spanish National Court authorized McAfee's extradition to the United States, where he was facing tax fraud charges.

During the extradition hearing, the businessman, whose tax debt in the United States amounts to more than four million dollars, claimed to have paid "millions of dollars in taxes" and said he was the victim of political persecution for having denounced corruption in the agency tributary.

Contrary to the defense thesis, the court ruled out that there are indications of "persecution motivated by political, ideological or similar reasons" since, "beyond the verbal allegations" of McAfee, no "revealing representations have been provided That he could be subjected to it.

He was arrested in October last year at the Barcelona airport when he was about to board a flight to the Turkish city of Istanbul. Since then, he has been in preventive detention. The arrest came at the request of the US justice, which accused the 75-year-old McAfee of evading millions of dollars in taxes from the profits allegedly obtained from activities such as cryptocurrency trading.

Investigators suspected that he had pocketed with his advisor "more than 13 million dollars" through "fraudulent schemes" on the Internet and were being investigated for seven alleged conspiracy crimes to commit stock fraud and money laundering.

John McAfee was one of the first programmers to design antivirus and develop a computer virus scanner when working for Lockheed's aerospace company.

In 1989, he founded the anti-virus company McPhee Associates. For a few years, it called itself Network Associates and eventually became the coffee company we know. In 2010, he launched a new project focusing on biosecurity under the head of Belize-based QuorumEx  Company.

In one of the writings in which McAfee asked Spain for his freedom, the businessman had described it as "excessive cruelty of treatment" that he remains in prison and questions that the court has not contemplated alternative measures to ensure that he is at the disposal of Justice.

At the same time, he mentioned "the risks that threaten him," such as not having been vaccinated against COVID-19 "unlike the rest of the Spanish population in his age group" or the chronic disease he suffered and poor medical treatment that he received in jail.