Johnny Bobbitt Jr. Was Arrested This Week: How Should The GoFundMe Scandal Be Handled?

Johnny Bobbitt Jr. was arrested as the GoFundMe scandal continues to have great ramifications. Should he spend a long time in prison?

source: Maria Warner

A formerly homeless 35-year-old man, Johnny Bobbitt Jr., who was involved in a money scheme with two other people did not appear at the court hearing on his due date and as a result, he was wanted by authorities.

Bobbitt, responsible for the financial scheme that extracted thousands of dollars from many innocent people, collaborated with a couple from New Jersey in performing the criminal activity.

Bobbitt, who is awaiting trial, was due to appear in court on Tuesday afternoon where he was supposed to answer questions regarding how he violated his parole that allowed him to stay out of prison.

As a result of the convict’s absence, Judge Mark Tarantino issued the official document for Bobbitt’s arrest.

According to Tarantino, he allowed Bobbitt to remain out of jail so he could attend a rehabilitation program for drug abuse.

Bobbitt’s legal representative, John Keesler, explained that the last time he saw his client was on Friday the week before, and he expected him to show up in court on Tuesday.

The lawyer also added that the veteran might have been caught up in traffic and that was probably why he did not appear.

Not so long ago, Bobbitt was a homeless drug abuser, who teamed up with the couple Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure for a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform in November 2017.

Their story started with the homeless stating he spent his last $20 bill in order to help McClure, who was stuck with an empty gas tank on a highway near Philadelphia.

The touching story inspired many people, and it did not take long for the campaign to gather nearly half a million dollars and to take off with extensive coverage in the media.

However, the scheme was discovered when Bobbitt decided to sue his partners in crime for his part of the gathered money.  

Bobbitt was arrested on Wednesday. The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the news via social media.

Their statement read: "UPDATE on GoFundMe case: Johnny Bobbitt was apprehended today in Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Police Department at approximately 10:45 a.m. The BCPO will now begin extradition proceedings to have him returned to New Jersey."

Did this case change your views on donations?