Johnny Depp Fires Back - Is He Going to Clear His Name?

Johnny Depp Fires Back - Is He Going to Clear His Name?787
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Johnny Depp opened up about his short-lived turbulent marriage with Amber Heard accusing her of fabricating abuse allegations.

On Monday the Pirates of the Caribbean superstar filed a new, detailed declaration to a Virginia courthouse. According to Blast which first accessed the documents, Depp once again declined Heard's domestic violence allegations pointing out he has never abused a woman in his life, including his former spouse. 

Moreover, the Golden Globe winner went further to reveal some more unpleasant details of their marriage. He claimed that when his then-wife Heard mixed prescription amphetamines and non-prescription drugs with alcohol, she used to hit, punch, and kick him.

 In addition to that, continued Depp, the actress used to throw various objects into him, including television remote controls,  soda cans, burning candles, heavy bottles, and more, causing him severe physical injuries.

As a part of the declaration, Depp also included several photos of him to prove the injuries - one from an incident in April 2016 and another one dated December 2015. The images feature his black and puffy eyes and scratches.

The Oscar-nominee also went into further details pointing out that he decided to divorce Heard on April 21, 2016, when either she or one of her friends defecated in his bed as some sick prank.

It all seemed quiet around Heard and Depp after they issued a joint declaration for mutual love and respect in August 2016. They both admitted their marriage was passionate and intense at times but always bound by love.

Three years later, in March 2019, Johnny Depp filed a civil lawsuit against Amber Heard to seek $ 50 million in damages. He also called her domestic violence allegations ''false'' and part of ''an elaborate hoax'' to advance her career. 

Heard fired back, filing more than 300 pages of documents expanding on her current allegations she previously lodged against her former husband in 2016. In her words, Johnny Depp regularly abused her before and after their marriage in 2015. 

Johnny Depp's lawyers it was their client who was the victim of domestic abuse, and not Ms. Heard, clarifying the financial losses for him after Heard's claims. Following the scandal, Johnny Depp lost his role as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the ''Pirates of the Caribbean'' series.

Amber Heard's legal team is now trying to move the lawsuit to California where most of the alleged abuses took place. Depp filed in Virginia as that's where the Washington Post is printed. 

The newspaper once published an essay bylined by Amber Heard in which she indirectly accused him once again of abusing her.

Do you believe Johnny Depp would manage to clear his name and restore his reputation?