Johnny Depp’s Future In The Harry Potter Universe In Limbo—Studio May End Up Doing Damage Control

With the continuing saga of Depp vs. Heard, Warner Brothers are in damage control mode and weighing their options for their Harry Potter film franchise. 

source: Inverse

It would seem that the recent problems to surface in Johnny Depp’s personal life is sending Warner Brothers into serious “freak out” mode.  With the recent release of new court documents in his divorce from Amber Heard, Warner Brothers is worried about how this will possibly affect their Harry Potter movie franchise, to which Depp is connected.

According to sources statements to The Post on Friday, the court documents in question describe in vivid and painstaking detail of how the star allegedly continually beat, choked and tormented Heard during most of their relationship together.   On the other side of the relationship, Depp denies having ever abusing Heard while they were together.

Depp is currently slated to appear in the next Harry Potter franchise based film, Fantastic Beasts 3, based on the J.K Rowling series of books and movies.  The script is reportedly completed and good to go; however, it would seem that production and filming, which has been initially slated to begin this summer, has actually been pushed back until fall of next year.

A source stated that it would seem that Warner Brothers is currently trying to devise a plan to deal with any backlash that may occur from the current events in Depp’s personal life.  It would seem that high-level female executives are expressing concerns about continued work with Deep, and the possible message a continued relationship would send to the general public. 

The source said "This is yet another blow to the morale of female employees at the studio.  If Warner Brothers indeed decides to continue to stick by Depp, it would reveal a lot about the values the company holds."  Although Warner Brothers have been contacted repeatedly for comment on the current situation, there has been no comments forthcoming at this time.  

It would seem that Warner Brothers are finding themselves unsure of how to proceed in the situation, being that Rowling came out as such a strong supporter of Depp being cast in the previous 2017 Harry Potter franchise installment.  That casting happened after his marriage to Heard had ended reported as having gone down in flames.  

Many believe that the very fact that Rowling was so vocal about Depp being cast has in the end boxed Warner Brothers into a very uncomfortable corner.  It is worth mentioning that although Rowling did indeed come out as a strong supporter of Depp’s casting, she also stated that shortly after filming his first cameo in the franchise is when the disturbing stories and accusations began to surface in the press.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Wil Warner Brothers choose to cut the cord and remove Depp from any of the future franchise sequels?