Johnson & Johnson's multi-dose Covid vaccine is close by the date of expiration

It is collected and the unused doses, the results of the safety concerns after the u.s. Food and Drug Administration


As the demand for Covid-19 vaccines in the whole of the country is declining, unused doses of Johnson & Johnson, vaccinations are to be collected, and on the shelves in the states, with the assistance of the government officials are increasingly concerned that the lack of a coordinated federal plan to pay for them, again, means that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of doses of it will be wasted.

The dose of this collection is to a large extent, the result of an order from the u.s. Food and Drug Administration, and at the beginning of April, in order to prevent the spread of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as from a security point of view. According to him, the state government, the officials, and the enthusiasm of the prior administration was weakened after an 11-day break.

Government officials know that in other countries, some of the people who are trying to get a vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, said Dr. Marcus Plessia, the medical director of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

Ples-Say, the description of the increasing, its members, that would be a denial of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as sought-after, in the developing world, it can go to waste if you fail to do, is not a national effort.

"I think that the people that are ethical, think that it is in other countries, there is no vaccine and it is in a bad state," Pleskia said.

Lead consultant, Andy Slavitt said on Tuesday, in a Group review of the response to the White House on the Covid-19 as "a very small fraction of the dose that was published in an" at risk for a specific expiration date.

"It is unrealistic to expect that a single dose will have to be destroyed for nothing," said Slavitt, who placed some of the responsibility for the supply of the unused doses of the military, which, for those states.

"Keep in mind that this dose was commissioned by the government, which is issued by the central government, and to fall into the hands of the people, and we are actively working with, and during this time, there were other measures in order to try and transfer this dose is in the hands of the people," he said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's vaccine tracker data shows that since the beginning of March, 21.4 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been reached, the FDA allowed is exposed to this dose, February 27 — in what was a more than one-half, or 11.1 million. According to J&J's estimates, the vaccine should be viable for up to three months at normal refrigeration temperatures, even frozen, it is stable for two years.

According to him, Dr. Clay Marsh, head of the government, which is responsible for the Covid-19 response, the state, and it is approaching the expiration date of the 20 000-25 000 doses.

"We are working with the CDC, the White House and the state department to find out what the advantages are, that the share of the vaccines with other people in and outside of the united states," said Marsh, the vice-president and of the vice-dean of the faculty of medical sciences at West Virginia University.