Jorge Orozco and Alejandra Ramírez did not qualify for the shooting final and said goodbye to Tokyo 2020


During the qualifying round, the Mexican team ranked 15th overall.

In the mixed team pit shooting qualifier, only the first two places qualified to compete for the gold medal, while the third and fourth places will compete for the bronze medal. The Mexican team made up of Jorge Orozco, and Alejandra Ramírez finished in the 15th position with 138 points, falling far from reaching the final and having any chance of getting on the podium at Tokyo 2020.

For the culmination of the first round, the Mexicans marched in position 12 with only 46 units. Although the performance was good on the Aztec team, they did not finish loosening up to gain confidence and start taking more accurate shots. Four of the 50 attempts they had in the first phase failed.

At the end of the second round, the outlook began to look adverse for the Mexican team, as Alejandra Ramírez missed important shots and her mistakes placed them in the penultimate place (15) of the standings with 92 points. Jorge scored 25 out of 25 possible targets during this round, but that was not enough to get a better overall place because the Mexican missed four shots.

At the beginning of the third and final round, Jorge and Alejandra did not depend on themselves to qualify for the final. On the contrary, they needed to achieve perfection and not miss any of their attempts, and they also required several of the teams above them to make mistakes in their shots.

At the middle of the round, the Mexican pair remained with 116 points, and the highest score was 146. Thus, although they managed to maintain their position and place in 15th place, the top positions were increasingly out of reach for Mexico.

Finally, the dream was over for the Mexicans after reaching only 138 points throughout the three rounds they competed. As a result, they placed 15th overall, and unfortunately, it was the end of their participation in Tokyo 2020. The pair fell eight points away from the possibility of competing for the bronze medal.

The competition was held at the Asaka shooting range, where tests were carried out during the Tokyo games in 1964. For the current Olympics, new facilities were temporarily built to comply with Olympic regulations. As a result, the dominant countries in this discipline have been the United States, as the top medal winner, followed by China and Korea.

Jorge Orozco recently made history in the individual shooting category after qualifying for the grand final. This positioned him as the first Mexican to reach this stage in the discipline and, although he was left out of medal positions, he put his country at the top and made the fans of Mexico vibrate. After his significant solo participation, the Jalisco-born said he was satisfied with his participation even though he did not achieve the goal of hanging a medal.

With his first Olympic Games played at the age of 21, the shooter will begin a new Olympic process to improve his capabilities and find even more experience with the goal set in Paris 2024. For her part, Alejandra Ramírez will try to reach the next Olympics held at the French headquarters at her best level, by which time she will be 28 years old.