Juan González denounced that in Cuba, "they use the threat of the United States as an excuse to oppress the people."

source: today.in-24.com

Juan González denounced that in Cuba, "they use the threat of the United States as an excuse to oppress the people."

The director for the Western Hemisphere of the Security Council of Joe Biden's government assured that the historic protests are "a reaction to 62 years of communism" and "to the failure of the Cuban regime's management."

Juan González, director for the Western Hemisphere of the United States Security Council, expressed his concern about the crisis that strongly affected Cuba and unleashed a wave of massive protests since the weekend against the communist dictatorship that plagues the Island.

"In Cuba, we are in a communist dictatorship, and they use the threat of the United States as an excuse to oppress the people," said Joe Biden's government official. In dialogue with the journalist Óscar Haza, from Mega TV. González also added that the historic protests are "a reaction to 62 years of communism, to the failure of the Cuban regime."

Regarding the concern that several Cuban citizens had expressed that the United States may relax the embargo on the Island, due to the policies of former President Barack Obama, who lowered the pressure on the regime a bit during his administration, when the current president American Joe Biden was vice president, González assured that: "The embargo is the subject of the United States Congress, and it is not the reason why the Cuban people are suffering. The suffering of the Cuban people is because of what we are seeing: more than 150 imprisoned people, journalists, civil activists, artists have been jailed for just demanding more from their governments".

The director for the Western Hemisphere said that the United States is looking for ways to support the Cuban people to regain their rights and freedom. For this reason, the US government continues to activate the international community to pressure the dictatorship to respect the fundamental rights of the citizens of that country.

"The president (Biden) is receiving reports daily, and it is something that the entire US government has focused on what is happening. Our focus must be the Cuban people, that has been said by President Biden and their aspiration to determine their future, which unfortunately they have not been able to do so during the last 62 years", he assured.

"The Cuban people are demanding rights that are fundamental and universal, which are being prohibited." González asserted that the tense calm that has been seen in some sectors of the Island results from "the oppression of the Cuban regime."

The official repudiated the repressive acts that have been taking place since the dictatorship against the protesters and has reported that the United States has begun to have contacts with the international community to pressure the regime to respect the fundamental rights of Cubans.

González assured that the United States is working on constructing spaces so that Cubans can have access to the Internet, "that is something that must be a right; it cannot be refused or blocked."

Regarding the possibility that it may increase the exodus of Cuban citizens to the United States, the US official said that it is "a lack of responsibility."

"This is a tool that the regime has used over the years to try to pressure the United States, but it is a lack of responsibility and respect for the lives of Cubans, for the Cuban-Americans who are in Miami, have had relatives who they have lost their lives trying to go by boat."

However, González said that the Biden government is prepared for this contingency: "We have a contingency plan in this regard to be able to handle a migratory flow, but here we have to focus on the life and well-being of Cubans."

In a comparison of the situation that exists between Havana and Haiti, he assured that they are the opposite sides because according to his criteria in Port-au-Prince, "there is no presence of the State. There are gangs involved in drug trafficking".

González reported that he traveled to Haiti last weekend to evaluate the available options and support the Haitian people to reach elections "and a political consensus. that space is open to us, "he said.

Regarding the case of Venezuela, González believes that a negotiated and peaceful solution to the crisis in Venezuela is possible.

According to the official, Joe Biden's government is willing to act if negotiations between the opposition and the Chavista dictatorship are resumed.

"We are going to act based on concrete facts, not words. If both sides sit at the table, make it clear that we are on the side of the unity table led by Juan Guaidó. That is the side on which we are going to be. We are going to act based on any concrete act that leads to democratic steps so that Venezuelans are also the ones who determine their own future," González said in an interview conducted by the Latin media Mega Tv from the United States.

He reiterated that the policy of the United States is to organize and broaden the consensus in favor of democracy in the country.