Justice Democrats, Committee That Helped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Enter Congress Facing Criticism Over Male Candidate

NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to answer a new controversy after the group that pushed her candidacy is accused of favoring a woman over a man.

source: Fox News

The controversies around New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keep developing -- in some cases without her direct involvement.

An organization that was mostly responsible for Ocasio-Cortez getting into Congress has now become the target of sharp criticism from multiple directions, including David Hildebrand.

Hildebrand claims that he attempted to get support from the group, Justice Democrats, for his campaign plans, but at the last moment, he was pushed out of the race in favor of a female candidate that was brought up to run against California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

According to Hildebrand, the move came as a shock to him and also took his supporters by surprise.

He explained: "I had support in my community and was nominated by many people. Their process is allegedly one where candidates are nominated to their organization. I had numerous nominations; she wasn’t even in the race."

The politician reportedly had strong local support and was expected to have a strong chance in the elections.

Instead, the political action committee decided to back Alison Hartson, claiming that they preferred to stand behind a woman running against Feinstein.

The new revelation came as a surprise to many, as it looks like not everyone was aware that there was such a strong case of gender issues behind the scenes of major political games.

At the same time, some commenters claim that they do not find the situation surprising at all and that it makes perfect sense given the recent social and political climate.

One anonymous former campaign worker stated: "There was no transparency. People gave up their damn lives to run and then were stuck with huge bills. Once they [Justice Democrats] got the people recruited, they asked them to sign memos that would specify what percentage of funds raised by the candidates would go to Justice Democrats."

The fact that the same group also upheld Ocasio-Cortez has been pointed out multiple times already, and it looks like this action alone might cost them a lot in the coming weeks, as a lot of negative attention has started to form towards the political action committee.

Will this affect AOC's position with her followers, yes or no?